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NOV 27 - DEC 03, 2015

Dyster Administration Sleeps Through Nightmare on 72nd Street

By Anna Howard

DEC 03, 2015

Two weeks ago a local talk show host said, "I hope that one day the Buffalo News or the Gazette or the Reporter will write a story about 72nd Street and what's gone on there." Well, the Reporter has owned the story of the 72nd Street frozen water line for the past two years. We were there, literally on the street, from day one. As film star Walter Brennan, portraying television cowboy fast draw expert, Will Sonnett, used to say, "No brag, just fact."

Far from taking a backseat on the 72nd Street scandal the Reporter has, instead, led the way on the city hall saga of the frozen water line. This week we move forward with a story installment that lays out a four point plan solving the 72nd Street disaster while addressing the "he said she said" foolishness occurring between the Dyster administration and the water board.

Our readers turn to the Reporter for unvarnished truth, inconvenient news, and editorials that never mince words. It's in this spirit that we offer our latest dispatch on what we've dubbed, "A Nightmare on 72nd Street."





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Administration Spending is Willfully Out of Control
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Dyster, Ceretto, Cuomo Say Little On Ortt’s Casino Revenue Proposal
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Dyster Administration Sleeps Through Nightmare on 72nd Street
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Gaming Market Becomes Saturated
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Dyster Says He Spent $200 Million On?

Public Reaction to Ortt Plan; Don’t Give Dyster More $$$!
Who Escrows Proceeds From a Theft? … Get Real!

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