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SEP 30- OCT 07, 2014

Arnold Calls for End to Maziarz Rule, Endorses Destino for Senate

By Anna M. Howard

September 30, 2014

Arnold, a Republican, endorsed Democrat Johnny Destino - over Republican Rob Ortt.

"Vote anti-establishment this year, do your research."

With those words on her Facebook page last week, Gia Arnold, the young mother formerly from Holley in Orleans County and a former candidate herself, endorsed Democrat Johnny Destino for the 62nd District State Senate seat currently held by Republican George Maziarz.

Arnold ran and lost a Republican primary for the seat to North Tonawanda Mayor Robert Ortt, the choice of the Maziarz Republican machine that has ruled the district for nearly 20 years.

In her Facebook post, Arnold wrote: "For a family man that cares about every member of our district, has been involved with the community for years and won't play any games, look for Johnny Destino on the ballot in November."

Arnold drew attention during the GOP primary when she briefly suspended her campaign in mid-August after revealing she had a one-night affair on Aug. 1 and had left her husband four days later.

She told the New York Daily News that "I wanted to go public with the information, just because it was heavy on my conscience and I am strong for honesty and integrity and always telling the truth and I felt it was important as a public figure that the public was aware of what was going on." She later resumed her campaign after receiving an outpouring of support for her honesty.

Democratic State Senate candidate Johnny Destino picked up not only Republican Gia Arnold's endorsement, but, ironically, his former opponent, Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, (below) who Destino narrowly lost to in the 2011 mayoral contest.


During her run for the Republican line, Arnold had criticized the GOP for not considering her for party backing and had blasted Ortt as nothing more than a Maziarz puppet. Maziarz pulled out of the race after a federal investigation into the use of his campaign funds became public.

"Now that Senator Maziarz has withdrawn ...," she said, "he wants to (anoint) the mayor of North Tonawanda as his replacement. I believe we have had enough of this type of representation in Albany. Isn't it time we put the residents first? Isn't it time we break up the good ole boys club?"

The Arnold endorsement came at the end of a week during which Destino, a Niagara Falls attorney and school board member, received the endorsements of Mayor Paul Dyster and Rep. Brian Higgins and of the New York State United Teachers, the 600,000 member state teachers union.

Destino told the Reporter he welcomes Arnold's support and looks forward to campaigning with the former GOP candidate in the coming weeks.

"She believes, like I do, that it's time to change the culture that has held sway for so long," said Destino. "We both want a new start for the people of this district, and that's what my campaign is all about."

The 62nd District includes all of Niagara and Orleans counties and two towns in western Monroe County.


Gia Arnold, like Johnny Destino, pledged to oppose the SAFE Act.






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