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SEP 02- SEP 09, 2014

Pro-GENDA New York Liberal Gives $16K to Ortt, Disclosures Reveal, Prior to Republican Primary

September 02, 2014

Pro-GENDA activist Paul Singer donated $16K to Republican Robert Ortt.

Last week, Niagara County GOP Chairman Scott Kiedrowski was quoted in the Buffalo News as saying that "What voters are most scared of is Johnny Destino turning over the keys to the New York City radicals."

NT Mayor Robert Ortt Niagara County GOP Chairman Scott Kiedrowski said voters should worry about Johnny Destino taking money from liberal New York City donors, while his own candidate took $16K from GENDA-backing Paul Singer of New York City. Johnny Destino says "more of the same GOP games."


A shocking 11-day pre-primary disclosure statement filed by the Ortt for State Senate campaign reveals, however, that one New York City radical has decided to line up his support behind Republican North Tonawanda Mayor Robert Ortt.

Paul Singer, a billionaire hedge fund manager, made a staggering $16,800 donation to Ortt – the maximum allowed by NYS law. This single donation from the downstate donor is equivalent to more than half of what the Ortt campaign raised from donors in his district.

A look at the "Friends of Johnny Destino" disclosure statement shows no contributions from downstate New York.

According to his Wikipedia page, Singer played a major role in helping pass legislation to allow same-sex marriage in the state of New York by donating heavily to GOP senators. Campaign disclosures show that Republican Senator Mark Grisanti, who voted in favor of legalizing gay-marriage, was one such recipient and received the maximum contribution from Singer in both 2011 and 2014.

When reached for comment Destino said "It's clear that it's more of the same shell game from the Niagara County Republicans. You have the GOP Chairman falsely accusing me of selling Western New York out while George Maziarz's hand-picked appointee is busy stuffing his pockets with money from downstate radicals. It's truly sickening."

Ortt's opponent in the Republican primary Gia Arnold said "Ortt claims to represent Western New York values. If that's the case then I am calling on him to return this donation and reject Singer's radical agenda."

Niagara County Democratic Chairman Nick Forster said that GOP hypocrisy is nothing new. "It's obvious that Kiedrowski didn't consult with George's hand-picked candidate to see what their money grab from downstate was before opening his big mouth," Forster said.


Gia Arnold says Ortt should give back the money.




The GENDA law, which needs Senate approval, would protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination under the state's Human Rights Law and expands the state's hate crime protections to include crimes against transgender people.
It also allows transgender people to use the public restroom of their choice - meaning they could choose to use either mens or ladies restrooms.
Since there appears to be no exact legal definition of transgender people in the bill, the law would allow an individual to make the sole determination if they are transgender or not and consequently any person could use the gender restroom of their choice. This includes public schools.







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