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SEP 02- SEP 09, 2014

Letters to the Editor

September 02, 2014

Dyster administration stuck in Cayuga Island traffic

One of your letters to the editor informed readers that automated DOT traffic counters were on Cayuga Island last week. I checked it out. And sure enough there was a traffic counter on the Cayuga Island bridge and another one midway up the length of Champlain Avenue.

Midway up Champlain Avenue would be (not counting Joliet Avenue which fronts Jayne Park) the approximate center of Cayuga Island. The counter on the bridge would mark every vehicle coming and going and the counter on Champlain would mark all traffic moving through the middle of the island neighborhood.

So, why were the counters in place?

We do know that such devices are routinely used to measure traffic prior to a road change, traffic signal change or prior to a development proposal. Cayuga Island is residential with no through traffic, no apartments, no stores and no commercial development on the table…that we know of.

But we know, thanks to the Niagara Falls Reporter, that Jayne Park is under consideration for some pretty major changes.

Would the Reporter call upon the Dyster administration – the Mayor, his chief planner, Tom DeSantis, or the engineering department – to explain the reason for the traffic count?

John Malucci

Niagara Falls

Liberal Media Ignoring ISIS War on Christianity


The media, most notably ABC News, have been almost completely silent about the Christians that ISIS's self-declared Islamic caliphate is intent on wiping out.

The media are hiding the truth about ISIS's plans for the Middle East and the terrorist army's horrific slaughter of Christian men, women, and children.

They're doing it to help Obama and his political allies running for office.

We need your help to put a stop to it. If we don't stand up against media spin and suppression of the news, no one will.

L. Brent Bozell III

Founder and President

Media Research Center

Reston, VA.

Museum Director Thanks Reporter


Thank you for the article about our September 20 program on the history of LaSalle we have planned at the North Tonawanda History Museum.

I have personally read every edition of "the Reporter" since I discovered it in its first weeks. I admit that sometimes I get a laugh out of some of what I find in it. I really appreciated the two articles about the current Senate race in this week's (August 26-September 2) edition. No other media would have been so honest about how sadly humorous the situation is! We, along with gathering and preserving the history of the past in the History Museum, also preserve today's news. We have included a copy of your two articles in our file on Robert Ortt and will add all future articles from your paper as well as those from the area's other print media. I think that 50 years from now anyone reading the two articles you used will still bring chuckles to anyone looking in our files about this year's Senate election!

I simply loved the spreads on the new Niagara River boat experience! I especially noted that the only reporters on that special preview trip were from "the Reporter!"

Usually, though, as an historian and researcher--and fact checker--I appreciate most the way your reporters really dig into things that need to be looked into and made public. I have observed how many sad states of affairs in Niagara County since you began were discovered and reported on by "the Reporter" before any other media knew there was a problem. I also have noted quite a few that no one else ever picked up on! I have also observed how many of the sad states of affairs you have brought to light were investigated by proper authorities and something was done about them. That is, in addition to informing the public, what good journalism does. It gets things done! Thank you for that.

I have become somewhat of an addict, going online to read "the Reporter" if I haven't found the current week's issue out for pick up yet. My week isn't complete until I read it from front to back!

I've heard negative things about your paper over the years and can only surmise that you have brought to light something those people didn't want brought to light--or they have never taken the time to really pay attention to what you print and connect it with the results you have gotten.

The only media outlet that has ever had someone take the time to come to our now 10-1/2 year old all-volunteer history museum, which is totally supported by private donations and admissions and our own efforts, to really see what we are doing is the Niagara Falls Reporter. And we didn't just get a reporter. We got a reporter and the Publisher & Editor in Chief! Thank you for dropping in last year and seriously looking us over and seeing how much we have accomplished without any municipal support or funding. The fact that you didn't come in just for a quick look and see but actually let us take you on a guided tour was not lost on us.

Thank you, Mr. Parlato, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Farina, and all the rest of your crew for using journalism to provide a genuine public service.

Donna Zellner Neal

Executive Director

North Tonawanda

History Museum

North Tonawanda





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