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SEP 02- SEP 09, 2014

John Denver's Rocky Mountain Home For Sale at $10.75M

September 02, 2014

The late John Denver’s (1943-97) Rocky Mountain home is for sale for $10.75 million. Make an offer....

A 1970s singer, the late John Denver wrote several popular songs, not the least of which was "Rocky Mountain High".

Denver and his wife, Annie, bought 7.6 acres of land in Aspen, Colo. with Rocky Mountains and valley views.

Later, after Denver's successes as a singer songwriter, the couple built their home in the early 1970s.

The house, made of redwood-and-glass, is a contemporary home and consists of 6,000 square feet, 11 bedrooms, 11 baths and a guest house separated from the main house by a small mountain stream with waterfalls.

John Denver appeared at the Niagara Falls Convention Center on November 28th 1990. His greatest hits include Take Me Home, Country Roads; Follow Me; Starwood in Aspen; For Baby; Rhymes & Reasons; Leaving on a Jet Plane; The Eagle and the Hawk; Sunshine on My Shoulders; Goodbye Again; Poems, Prayers and Promises; Rocky Mountain High.

There are four indoor fireplaces, an outdoor fireplace-barbecue area, pool and decks.

The guest house is where Denver had his music studio.

The home is for sale at $10.75 million.





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John Denver's Rocky Mountain Home For Sale at $10.75M

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