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OCT 21- OCT 28, 2014

From Energy Independence to Real Economic Prosperity

By J. Gary DiLaura

October 21, 2014

According to scientists, significant meteorological changes are going on right now on most of the planets in our solar system.

They have no idea what is causing the changes. They are certain however, that man has had nothing to do with any climate changes on those planets or, in the case of many scientists, for climate changes here on Earth.

President Barack Obama however says that there is and he is using scare tactics to convince us that he must reduce CO2 emissions or we will all succumb to severe heat.

While there is no certain proof of global warming in the eyes of many, President Obama has a different agenda. I believe he is doing everything he can to collapse our economy, with an ultimate goal of a one “party“ socialist, Islamic Nation with one ruler!

Closing CO2 producing coal power plants is part of his plan and if Obama closes down 40 percent of our power plants, it will be the final act in collapsing our economy!

He has signed new anti-coal bills that will allow the EPA to close more coal plants starting January 1 2015 unless Republicans can win the Senate!

If you want to reduce coal and other fossil fuel power plants, I have a responsible plan that’s a win-win situation that a sincere president would do.

Rebuilding roads and bridges gave union workers temporary work. What we need now is cash flow to create jobs!

Let’s put our resources to work on capital projects that will produce a vitally needed commodity, like energy.

If we had a president who is a patriot he would not issue executive orders to close clean coal power plants with no viable replacements. He would declare an energy and economic emergency, ordering that our country make energy and economic independence our top priority.

By executive power he would order each of our 50 States to build a new, nuclear fired plant to be up and running in seven years. He would order that only “Made in America” materials and U.S. citizens be utilized for these projects.

The Federal Government would loan each state the seven billion dollars, with interest, to build each plant.

The total of $350 billion would put millions to work.

Steel, concrete, and other manufacturers will all have to expand to comply with the “Made in America” law.

You guessed it, we’ll loan them money too but they must comply with the U.S. citizens, “Made in America” law.

Get the idea?

When the nuclear plants are up and running, the states must sell them to private, tax paying utility companies that employ U.S. citizens only.

The states must then repay the loans with interest. Then start closing some of the dirtiest fossil, older power plants.

A win-win idea.

We’ll do the same deal on oil, natural gas, clean coal, and when technology is there, wind and solar plants.

At the same time we must upgrade and bury our new power grid deep in the ground so it is bullet and electro-impulse proof.

We will then finally begin to maximize our God-given natural resources and “Made in America” will start appearing at Wal-Mart Stores again.

Clean coal plants in KY., Pa., Va., Wa., Va., oil fired plants in the Dakotas, natural gas plants where we find it, solar plants in the sunshine states and hot air plants in California where there seems to be nothing else.

If Republicans take the US?Senate, Congress should be encouraged to “defund” the EPA and place environmental issues in the hands of the States.

All environmental studies will be completed in a mandatory one year.

No delays for smelt, spotted owls, global warming, CO2 or anything else until our country is out of trouble.

Today, we are on the railroad tracks, arguing with environmentalists over global warming while the train (in my opinion radical Islam) is coming, and it just speeds up instead of slowing down.

We have to deal with energy, our military (that our current President weakened) and the economy, first!

Today, we cannot prosper and perhaps not even exist as a nation without coal and oil, but we can exist with pretend global warming.

Get it?

We must get our country back on its feet with a strong military, energy and economic independence.

We can play political correctness when and if we can survive what this president has done to us!

(The opinions of J Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired, are his own, are protected under the First Amendment, and are not necessarily the opinions of the Niagara Falls Reporter.)





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