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SEP 29 - OCT 06, 2015

Father of Alleged Kane Victim Posts Bizarre Photo

By Tony Farina

SEP 29, 2015

Father of Accuser. Posted on Facebook


The purported “evidence bag” introduced last Thursday (Sept. 24) by the former lawyer for the alleged victim in the Patrick Kane rape case was part of an “elaborate hoax” perpetrated by the mother of the young woman who has claimed the hockey star raped her Aug. 2, according to the Erie County district attorney.  But in a case with more twists than the Yellow Brick Road, there is yet another bizarre turn, this time featuring the father of the alleged victim.

But let’s go back to the “hoax” twist addressed by the DA last Friday.  The rape kit evidence is intact, said District Attorney Frank Sedita the day after charges at a press conference by the accuser’s lawyer Thomas Eoannou that the so-called evidence bag which had purportedly contained DNA evidence was left at the mother’s doorstep, suggesting the evidence had been compromised.  Eoannou abruptly resigned in the bizarre case shortly after Sedita debunked the whole “evidence bag” story, claiming he had been misled. 

But apparently late on the same day Sedita reduced the evidence bag story to a hoax devised by the mother of the alleged victim and Eoannou pulled out, enter the father of the young woman who has claimed that the hockey star raped her at his lakefront home on the morning of Aug. 2 after a long night of partying.

In the latest twist—and probably not the last---the father, whose identity we are not revealing because of his relationship to the accuser who has not yet been identified publicly, updated his Facebook profile picture, showing him holding what appears to be a large butcher knife.  Now any father of a young woman who has allegedly been raped would obviously be very upset, and apparently the father in this case wanted to let his displeasure be seen by all.

On Sunday morning (Sept. 27), the father removed the knife profile picture and substituted a picture of a lion with the following quote above the lion’s head: “The truth is like a lion.  You don’t have to defend it.  Let it loose.  It will defend itself.”     -St. Augustine

We’ll let the picture speak for itself.  As for the rape case against the hockey star, the district attorney suggested last Friday that it may not get to a grand jury.

At his press conference last Friday, the district attorney said “the question on my mind is not when this case will go to a grand jury—the question is if this case will go to a grand jury.”, the Chicago-based website in the city where Kane plays hockey, quoted Sports Illustrated’s legal analyst, Michael McCann, as saying Kane is close to being in the clear. 

Here’s McCann’s quote:  “I don’t think he’s in the clear yet, but I think he’s getting close to that point….my expectation is that the next step is that the case will be dropped.  The district attorney has the capacity to administratively drop the investigation which would effectively end the case.  That’s my gut, now that doesn’t mean Patrick Kane can’t be sued civilly by the accuser, but even that would be difficult now for the accuser because of what the mother did.”

McCann may be on the mark, but there could be more surprises out there.  How about the accuser’s new lawyer, Deacon Roland Cercone, who sent a letter to the Buffalo News praying for everybody involved in the case and volunteering his client’s cooperation in the “hoax” investigation, which now seems pretty much concluded.  Prayers might help, but no Kane DNA evidence in the accuser’s rape kit appears to make prosecution a bit difficult.

Stay tuned as there will surely be more twists and turns in this bizarre story before the final curtain comes down.






Father of Alleged Kane Victim Posts Bizarre Photo
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