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APRIL 21 - APRIL 28, 2015

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Albany Controlled Water Board to Sue City
Using Buffalo-Based Lawyers City to retaliate by using own Buffalo lawyers to fight back!

The Niagara Falls Water Board has been the center of considerable controversy

Dyster's Frankenstein Creation Rises Up Against Him in Supreme Court!

In Mary Shelly's classic novel "Frankenstein,"

A True Armenian, Choolokian Delivers Message of Hope

A crowd of about 90 people, many of them members of the

All Aboard for the Increased Government Magical Government Tour

We want to welcome the Reporter readers who have chosen to ride along today

Council Survey Delivers Message But Will Present Administration Listen

The creation execution and the release of the results of the "2015 City Council Survey and Action Plan"

Separating Fact from Fiction on Destino and Sandonato and City and County IT jobs

The volleys between Republican and Democratic officials this past week concerning

ECC Board Chairman Hits County Subsidy; Tuition Hike Likely

There may be plenty of blame to go around, but Erie Community College

Only in NT: Elected/Appointed Officials Are There to Serve All of Us

John Stuart Mill once said, "If all mankind minus one

This Week in Stupid Crime

Attempted robbery here

City Hall Jokes

Mayor Dyster recently gave the Aquarium penguins $150,000 in casino cash.


The Nightmare on 72nd Street:
Dyster, Drof, Janese to Blame?

The expert advice of a project engineer ignored.

Brochey Narrows His Options, But Still May Decide to Not Run

Last week The Niagara Falls Reporter told readers

'2015 City Council Survey and Action Plan' Says: It's Time for a New Mayor!

The "non-scientific" resident survey designed, circulated and released recently

Goose Speaks Out on Dyster's Jayne Park Plan

The Niagara Falls Reporter opposed the Jayne Park "improvement"

Greenway Project: Dyster Doing Bang-Up Job of Fixing Things That Aren't Broke:

In the world of Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster

Poloncarz, Walter Both Face Growing Crisis at ECC

The race is on for Erie County executive between Democratic incumbent Mark Poloncarz

Accountability, It's There If You Want It Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Future.

Years ago, Niagara Falls had a Water Department.

Moxham Announces Candidacy for Niagara County
Local businesswoman to focus on increasing access and better service

Jamie Moxham, a successful small businesswoman from the Village

Unprecedented Three Health System Collaboration To Address Cardiac Care Disparity in Niagara

Erie County Medical Center, Kaleida Health and Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center recently

The Challenge of Being a Caregiver

Get Well/Stay Well Project Manager

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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