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SEP 30- OCT 07 2014

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Read It and Weep: Controller's Report Reflects Drop in Casino Cash

Just two weeks ago (Sept. 16 editions) the Niagara Falls Reporter warned that increased gaming competition in the Northeast did not bode well for the Seneca Niagara Casino, nor for the future of maintaining

Casino Revenue Cut by $1.4 Million; Dyster Wants $1.5 Million for State

No sooner had Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster discovered that the city would lose $1.4 million in casino revenue for 2013 than he proposed giving an extra $1.5 million of your hard earned money to the state-run USA Niagara Development Corp.

USA Niagara Gets A $500,000 Spike in Management Fees From Casino Cash.... But Why?

Obviously questions arise with Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster's plan to use part of the city's share of the casino cash to pay a state agency, USA Niagara Development Corporation, $1.5 million to operate the Niagara Falls Conference

With Dyster's Planned City Share of Casino Cash Going to State, Change Will Be Enormous

It is possible that, as it did from 2012 to 2013, the casino revenue will continue to fall, in the future, causing the free spending of casino cash to come to a halt. Few residents realize how dependent city government has become on casino cash.

New Use for Totes Discovered in Falls

Don't let it be said that Mayor Paul Dyster's decision to make the recycling totes larger than the refuse totes was not a bright idea. At least one person, living in Niagara Falls, has found good use for the oversized totes.

New Info Emerges: County GOP Crafted RFQ to Meet Size Requirements Larger than Needed, But Exactly the Space Ulrich had Available

The Niagara County Request for Quotation (RFQ) for storage space for voting machines dated April 22, 2014, states that "the County of Niagara reserves the right to reject in whole or in part any and all bids and quotations."

From the Publisher

It is always very exciting and challenging at the same time to begin something new, and that's how I feel about my new role as publisher of the Niagara Falls Reporter.

Arnold Calls for End to Maziarz Rule, Endorses Destino for Senate

"Vote anti-establishment this year, do your research." With those words on her Facebook page last week, Gia Arnold, the young mother formerly from Holley in Orleans County and a former candidate herself, endorsed Democrat Johnny Destino for the 62nd District State Senate seat currently held by Republican George Maziarz.

Dyster Administration Never Promised Us a Rose Garden

Niagara Falls - The Hyde Park "Rose Garden" tucked between the park's lawn bowling greens and the eastern shore of Hyde Park Lake were, at one time, beautifully maintained rows of blooming roses that served as the backdrop for wedding photography sessions for more than a half century.

Lewiston Council Races May Boil Down to Trust, Personality, or Giving Dem Majority to Brochey

In the Town of Lewiston, the council races are finally set for the two open board seats left by the resignations of former Councilmen Ernest Palmer and Michael Marra. Republican candidate William Conrad will

Support for South Junior 'Poorly' Thought Out Development Effort Based on 'Poor' Planning

On Monday (Sept. 29), the city council passed a resolution presented by President Charles Walker titled, "Expressing Support for Niagara Falls City Lofts." The resolution supports a project that will

Anello, Darro, Paonessa Are the Talk of the Town

An electrician, a cop and a DJ walk into a radio studio… No, it's not a set-up to a cheap joke but rather it's the state of talk show entertainment in Niagara Falls as this relatively small city is home to no less than three talk shows.

Maziarz Appears at Pendleton Historic Event, Honoring Founding of the Township With Marker

PENDLETON—Town residents and local officials showed up in force last Thursday to dedicate a new historic marker that celebrates the founding of a small Erie Canal village that went on to become the modern town of Pendleton.

Why is America a Republic and Not a Democracy?

In a Democracy, laws are established or repealed by the majority. The rule of law's protection of minorities from the whim of the majority in a democracy is no protection at all. It has been well said that a democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner. But in a Republic, a written Constitution safeguards the rights of the individual and the minority, despite the whim or panic of the majority.

Dead Ducks: DEC Announces Release of Pheasants for Hunting Season

Approximately 30,000 adult pheasants will be released on lands open to public hunting for the upcoming fall pheasant hunting season, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced last week.

Governor Debate in Buffalo: Green Party's Hawkins Wants More Debates, Cites Jesse Ventura's seven debates and upset victory

After months of being challenged to debate by his Republican and Green party opponents, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has accepted two invitations to debate in October.

New Pictorial Book on Tonawanda and North Tonawanda: 1940-1960

A new pictorial history book "Tonawanda and North Tonawanda: 1940-1960," is set to be released Oct. 6th.. Authored by the Historical Society of the Tonawandas, the book has over 200 pictures of the past.

Rebutting Critics and Al Gore, 'There Has Been No Global Warming in 18 Years'

First, I want to thank two letter writers of last week, Joe Dunn and Frank Cofer who, after reading my column, attacked its conclusion- that global warming is not a settled fact - but a theory, unsupported by scientific fact.

CWM District Manager Cites Reasons for, Rebuts Arguments Against CWM Expansion

In response to a letter to the editor from the September 23rd edition of The Reporter, "Youngstown Landfill Expansion Ought to Worry Canadians Too": This letter and the opinion piece from the Toronto Star from which it quotes, are both factually inaccurate.

Letters to the Editor

On Your Daring to Publish A VIEWPOINT opposing Global Warming as a REALITY!?

Local Talk Show Jokes, Not Nice and Not Funny

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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