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JULY 22- JULY 30, 2014

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Council Tables Trash Ordinance After Walker Pulls Surprise, Implementation of Plan Delayed!

A cherry on top of the crazy sundae.

Sex Offender Epidemic Growing Larger Here With Every Passing Day

They’re everywhere. How many people do you encounter throughout any given day? At work, driving, grocery shopping, exercising, out at movies or at a concert; we are constantly interacting with people from the time we wake up until we go to sleep.

Fuzzy Math Behind Dyster's Argument to Throw Public Money at Blues Concert

The Niagara Falls City Council on Monday night turned a deaf ear to the $40,000 request from Mayor Paul Dyster for the Niagara Falls Blues Festival in September, meaning that it is likely that no money will flow from the city to subsidize the event.

Maziarz Says He Will be Exonerated

State Sen. George Maziarz (R-Newfane) has kept a low profile since announcing last week in a written statement that he would not seek re-election to the seat he has held for 19 years, a shocking development that came as reports surfaced of an escalated federal probe into his campaign account.

Walker Rejects Back-Tax Settlement of $1.5 Million From One Niagara

Dick Soluri, a member of the One Niagara management team, arrived at City Hall late Monday afternoon with a $1.5 million check to settle One Niagara’s back tax issue.

Lewiston Board Tables Paving Test

At the Lewiston Town Board work session on Monday (July 21), most of the items were tabled, including the agenda item that Councilman Mike Marra sponsored which was to instruct the town engineer to evaluate why the two-year=old parking lot at Joe Davis Park has failed.

Free Trash Hauling Still Available to Modern Residents Better Act Fast However

A little known service of the DPW, one that has been in existence for more than 20 years, permits residents of Niagara Falls to get rid of big trash anytime for free by hauling it, if the resident will truck it himself, to Modern Disposal in Lewiston.

Jurors Have Right to Judge the Law

It has long been assumed that juries judge the facts and the courts judge the law.

Dyster Claims RDIF Chips in Recycling Totes Will Not be Used for Enforcement

In what appears to be in response to our story "Big Brother In Your Garbage Cans?," WIVB TV news aired a story the Mayor may have hoped would quell concerns.

Megadeth Brings Zombie Like Fans to Artpark Winkley Praised for Fight for Artpark’s Taxpayer Subsidized Concert

Lewiston, NY: The musical act known as Megadeth performed a taxpayer subsidized concert at Artpark State Park last Tuesday. The crowd was estimated by Lewiston police to be 5,700 about half the expected audience. Twelve thousand tickets had been available for sale.

New Recycle Totes: Big Green and Insatiable

While the council tabled the new garbage ordinance, and it's unclear when the new totes will be required, $2 million was spent on them, and they have now arrived_ I received my official, new, 96-gallon city recycling tote just the other day.

City, Housing Authority Relationship Questioned by Community Activist

Niagara Falls community activist, blogger and Niagara Gazette columnist Ken Hamilton is up in arms over the fact that the Niagara Falls Housing Authority has been exempted from compliance with the city’s tough new recycling program at the same time the Authority faces an inquiry into exactly what happened to $1.5 million in federal funding earmarked for the HOPE VI housing project.

State Parks Police Barracks Relocated to City...We Built That!

Like Ringo Starr sang at Artpark a couple of weeks ago, "It Don't Come Easy".

Expanded Police Patrols Seen as Mayoral Stunt

“Saturation patrols.” Kind of sounds like a farmer inspecting his field after a rainfall.

Dyster Media Blitz Continues

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster may be feeling the pressure from his insanely unpopular trash plan.

Operation Saturation Leads to Three Pot Arrests What About the other 10,000 Pot Smokers?

It is hard to understand this society.

State DEC Holds Hearings on CWM Proposed Expansion, Cuomo's Handpicked Panel to Decide Niagara County's Fate

Last Wednesday the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) held two hearings at Lewiston-Porter High School to gather public comments on the proposed expansion of the CWM toxic waste dump located at Porter, NY, a dump that the community has been struggling to close for nearly two decades with little success.

How Should The Military Operation In Gaza Be Finished The Terror In Gaza Undefeated Will Come To The United States

Shortly the nations of the world will increase their efforts to bridge the gap between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization in order to bring about a cease-fire and to stop military maneuvers through political channels.

Letters to the Editor, Artpark Chastised as Nuisance

Artpark is boorish and greedy

Andre Lost his ‘Johnson’ And Tells Why...

Rapper Andre Johnson who used a steak knife to cut off his penis and then leaped from the second floor of a building in North Hollywood in April, has spoken out on why he did it.

Dyster’s Trash Plan…The Joke’s on Us

Why has Dyster, the guy who allegedly faced down Soviet nuclear arms negotiators, screwed up a simple garbage contract with Modern Disposal?

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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