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OCT 29 - NOV 05, 2015

The Master Skrlin Create Again

Theodore Q. Feighdot

OCT 29, 2015


This Skrlin work breezily brings to mind the renown song "Dead Skunk In the Middle of the Road" by Loudon Wainright. Part of the song lyric is: "Crossing the highway late at night, he shoulda looked left he shoulda looked right." In this instance we are presented with a proverbially, politically, dead canine Mayor Dyster who failed to look both ways before crossing the street. As a result the mayor was sent to Dog Heaven on November 3, Election Day. While the cartoonist makes a logical leap at the demise of the mayor at the polls, it must be noted that the mayor now has the city workforce and their votes firmly in his pocket. In fact he has just handed out promotions to the fire department and received the endorsement of the city police officers in response to pay increase promises he is alleged to have made to them.  Adding irony to the cartoon is the SPCA rescue truck racing to the scene, driven by a hound, that harkens back to His Honor's plan to build a dog shelter with taxpayer casino dollars. Do all dogs go to heaven? Do non-transparent, arrogant, spendthrift mayor's get turned from office? The answers will come on November 3. In the meantime the smart city voter clearly understands that the city has gone to the dogs under Paul Dyster.






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