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OCT 22 - OCT 29, 2015

City Hall Jokes

OCT 29, 2015

Meeting Notice of the "72nd Street Masochists Association" Approximate meeting date: January 18, 2016 at the 72nd Street Fire Hall Guest Speaker: Paul Dyster, former mayor The first 20 people will receive free bottled water for the winter No need to call ahead, Mr. Dyster knows you'll show up right on schedule

Sometimes it's best to let Mayor Dyster's words speak for themselves. A Buffalo News story on October 23, read, "Dyster noted that city programs hire many people with drug convictions, 'We hire people without discriminating,' he said. 'Someone has to. If the City of Niagara Falls wasn't willing to hire people who have had drug convictions, where would they go?'"

John Ceretto, a Lewiston resident, endorsed Paul Dyster for mayor last week. The assemblyman wrote his endorsement letter on a child's "magic slate" in the event he changes his party affiliation for the fourth time and has to withdraw the endorsement.

The dos and don'ts of the Dyster administration: It doesn't have a city engineer It does have a trash plan mascot arrested for drug dealing It doesn't have a balanced budget It does have a $63 million debt It doesn't have a crime problem It does have a serial killer working the city

Paul Dyster wants to be reelected so he can "finish the work I started." What work should he "finish" first? A) The frozen water lines on 72nd Street B) The $44 million train station with no means of support C) The hiring of his "best and brightest" friends D) The spending of his anonymous Buffalo slush fund E) The spending of the taxpayer casino cash F) The bankruptcy of the city

Seth Piccirillo and Paul Dyster announced their latest plan to beautify the downtown. Their "art in the alley" program is painting the rear ends of dilapidated buildings. We suppose it's more fun to talk about "art in alleys" than "muggings and rapes in alleys."

File under "you can't make this stuff up." While the mayor claims there's no crime in the city he had a convicted drug dealer/recycling mascot standing next to him at his own press conference!

Brook D'Angelo's new recycling slogan for children: "Kids, don't forget to recycle or you'll end up dealing drugs like Totes McGoat!" OK, the mayor screwed up by choosing a convicted heroin dealer to portray Totes McGoat. It's not like he picked a serial killer.







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