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OCT 15 - OCT 22, 2015

A Response to the Uninformed About Islam

OCT 15, 2015

I wrote an article explaining why an Islamic Muslim cannot take an oath to “protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States”! The statement is based upon a FACT, not opinion, that our Constitution is based upon a separation of church and state AND Islam is NOT!!!

Apparently some folks who are misinformed feel that the truth stated in written word by the Niagara Reporter is blasphemous, prejudice and bigotry. This I am told, as I do not participate in the nonsense “social media” of face book, twitter, nor horsesass.squat!

Islam does NOT believe in the separation of church and state, and is quite, diametrically opposed to our Constitution. Fact is that unbelievers (you and me) are to be killed, “smite them at the neck and hands” says Mohamed’s Koran! According to the Koran, and ALL teachings of Islam, Islam is founded, on church and state as one, requiring Muslims (which means submit), to submit to a Supreme leader called the Ayatollah. He directs all aspects of a Muslims life, not limited to church, including when to pray, how many times to pray, what to eat and not eat, how to treat your wife (as a possession)  how to divorce your wife( tell her “I divorce you 4 times, wait 24 hours and throw her out with NOTHING”). The Ayatollah, following the Koran, also sets forth penalties for violating the rule of Islam. For example, if a wife is adulterous and the husband has 2 good witnesses, she is to be killed, by a choice of methods, with stoning being a favorite, depending on the Islamic Nation. There are 57 to choose from that practice this punishment! If a man is adulterous, it’s ok! Homosexuality is not tolerated and is also an executable offence! More serious for men than women, oddly enough!

You see under our Rule of Law to enforce the Islamic rule of law, not just Sharia Law, would be considered murder, assault, kidnapping and many other crimes! Now what I’m telling you is not my bigoted, prejudice opinion, it is the FACTS. Read the Koran! I could quote the Surah for those uninformed readers but the only way for them to become informed is to read the book of faith, the Koran, and find the Shuras I mention on their own, so read the damn thing before you run off at the mouth!

Why do you think Barack Obama “switched” from Muslim to Christian? You see I also have an issue with his “switch”.

He MUST have denounced Islam and Allah before a Muslim gathering. That’s also in the Koran! If you could find me that video I will never write another prejudice, bigoted nor prejudice article for the rest of my life, I swear!

If I am wrong about Islam I will change to Islam, from Catholic to Muslim, and allow those who prove me wrong to stampede a herd of camels over my manly hood!

There is only one “religion” in the entire world that practices AND preaches VIOLENCE and that is ISLAM!

Another interesting point, according to Mohamed, who wrote the Koran; there is only ONE Islamic Muslim and that, is the one who believes in ALL the teachings of the Koran! There is no distinction between Radical and Non radical Islam, nor good and bad Muslims!

If to be a “non radical”, good Muslim means not believing in beheading infidels, then to be a “non radical” good Muslim, is to be an infidel, like you and me. That’s a death sentence! That’s why Muslims won’t raise their hands and say,” I don’t believe in beheading infidels, I’m a good Muslim”.

If you still don’t believe what I say, then google Brigitte Gabriel and hear what she says! She lived through the “conversion” of Lebanon from Christianity to Islam.






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