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NOV 27 - DEC 03, 2015

City Hall Jokes

NOV 27, 2015

"I love the smell of book cooking in the morning."
Paul Dyster, as he received the imaginary 2016 parking meter revenue figures that are based on non-existent parking meters.

Don't say he never warned you.
"You haven't seen nothing yet!"
Paul Dyster, declaring victory on election night.

Paul Dyster walks into a bar, steps to the front of the room and shouts: "Drinks on me for 47% of the house! The other 53% per cent will have to see John Accardo or Glenn Choolokian!"

"It's time to send a woman to do a man's job that no man has been able to do."
Kristen Grandinetti's slogan as she seeks the council chairmanship


Who's the Christmas Grinch?
A) Glenn Choolokian
B) Paul Dyster
C) the voters


Answer: Some Like It Hot Question: what's the favorite movie of three city hall employees?


The phrase "about ten" refers to:
A) the number of 72nd St. residents expected to have running water this January
B) the number of additional patronage jobs Dyster will create in 2016
C) the number of daily riders at Dyster's new train station
D) all of the above





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