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MAY 12 - MAY 19, 2015

Minimum Wage 101, A Career?

By Gary DiLaura

May 12, 2015

Minimum wage jobs were no more intended to be a Career than Welfare was intended to be a Career! The last time I checked there were no classes at Buff State or UB entitled Burger Flipping 101 or Advanced Bean Picking 101 -A. Minimum wage jobs are for entry level workers just joining the work force and for those with minimum skills who either elect to have minimum skills or a way to be gainfully employed while they learn a skill, duh.

Allow me to explain further for those who can't seem to grasp the concept, as there must be a whole lot of them because no business man in their right freaking mind would pay someone $15.00 per hour, with benefits, to flip burgers and survive as a business man.

We have an educational system that used to be the best in the world. It was intended to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, respect for life and property and augment the parents' (plural, that means 2) attempt to teach their children right from wrong. Butů that has all changed for the MUCH worse!

The biggest breakdown starts in the home with the loss of 1 parent, making it "parent" instead of "parents " ( that means 2). That followed with the loss of discipline in the school as the single parent, who was failing in the home, started resenting the discipline that SHE either couldn't or wouldn't give her kid at home. All she could do is to say to her kid "See ya later". So the school tried to step in and instead of saying "Thank you" to the school system for teaching him right from wrong she said " My baby wants to paint his/her nails black and wear face piercing as a matter of self expression, it's in the constitution". Everything went downhill from there as the school (Board of Education) caved in mostly because the law didn't back them up. The moron parent could file a civil law suit against the teacher, school or Board for disciplining her monster and the out of control and broken legal system not only allows it but encourages it by awarding outrageous awards. The latest now is the teacher can't defend himself against one of these unskilled, undisciplined monsters who wants a nonproductive career, with benefits and who can't write cursive, can't add simple numbers can't spell and could care less about your life ,his teachers or his own mothers' life.

Enter Ms. Bleeding Heart; instead of fixing all the problems that her permissive, liberal ideals have created, she wants to make it another career (along with welfare)! So instead of raising the education and skill levels let's raise the pay level. What moron came up with that formula to success? The next thing you know, Minimum Wage 101 WILL be taught at UB!





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