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MAY 05 - MAY 12, 2015

Trash and Stupidity Abound with New Trash Plan

May 05, 2015

Some suffer by storing their trash or paying to get rid of it and others just throw it out on the streets when nobody’s looking.

Because Dyster’s new trash program doesn’t give the people enough space in their bins to throw out what they really need to throw out a lot of people must suffer.

A-s backwards: The little bin is for trash, the larger one for recycling. Sounds great but it’s not how people live. It’s how guys like Dyster want people to live.

Either way the people are not to blame. The trash plan is insufficient for the people;s needs.

All who voted for Dyster got exactly what they voted for -- a load of trash with nowhere to put it!

A new trash ordinance was put into effect in January, and it's made the garbage problem worse.

There's more trash, junk, furniture, garbage bags that aren't in bins because they just don't fit.

One resident said he's been storing extra garbage in his backyard since he can't fit it into the trash and recycling bins provided by the city.

"If you can't close the top, they won't take it, and you can't put it on the side of the garbage, they won't take it either, so how do you get rid of it?" asked the resident.

The ordinance requires residents to throw out trash in a small 64 gallon blue bin and recycled items in a larger 96 gallon green bin.

Everywhere else it is the reverse: the larger bin is for trash.

After Mayor Paul Dyster created the restrictive garbage ordinance - limiting the amount of garbage a family can toss out weekly to what can fit inside a 64 gallon bin -  the city becomes a garbage sty since thousands simply have more garbage to toss out than what can fit inside the 64 gallon bin.

So people all over the city are tossing their garbage out in alleyways and vacant lots.

You can say these people are "pigs," as Dyster said they were on the Tom Darro radio show on WJJL last month, but isn't the culprit Dyster for not providing the service people need?

For as long as the city provided garbage service, it picked up all the household trash people threw out.

Then Dyster crafts a plan - in conformity to his own true nature - that of disdain for all the "pigs" of this city - and limits the trash a resident can throw out to an unrealistically small amount.

His next move?

Dyster's reaction to the "pigs" is to hire two part time garbage inspectors who will check out your garbage and start imposing fines.

"There's an effort now that's going to start, to knock on their door and to ask them to explain why it is that they are having problems," said Dyster.

That effort will start this week.





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