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JUNE 30 - JULY 08, 2015

How Russia Got 1/5th of Your Uranium and the Clinton Foundation Received Mega Millions

By J. Gary DiLaura

JUNE 30, 2015

Wilson Andrews wrote a time line in the NY Times on April 22, 2015 that shows how the Clinton Foundation, William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton, and the Frank Guistra engineered the sale of 20% of the total supply of the USA’s uranium to Russia and why Clinton started his Clinton Foundation (a true money laundering scheme, the best I have ever seen).

But who’s Frank Guistra?

Guistra is a wealthy (4th wealthiest in Canada) mining and film businessman who makes Canada his home.  How they met is not important but what Bill and Hillary Clinton and Guistra have done for each other’ is interesting.

In September 2005, Guistra, accompanied by former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, attended a meeting in Kazakhstan and days later Guistra secures a uranium deal for his company, UrAsia. Clinton claims he just went along for the ride and didn’t say a word.

Kind of like a wealthy man taking a beautiful hooker to a party and then telling his wife,

”We’re just friends, honey and I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman.”

In 2006 Guistra donates $31.5 million to the Clinton foundation.

Guistra, funnels this massive donation to the Clinton Foundation claiming that Canadian law prohibits the identification of the donors to the charity.

The donors turn out to be over 1000 governments and foreign “oligarchs” many of whom are sworn enemies of the United States.

According to the Times, The Clinton Foundation legitimizes itself by spending about 10% for legitimate programs, with the balance going to the Clintons’ salary, lavish travel and friends of the Clintons. All of course, tax free.

So that’s $10m for you and $90m for me.

The Clinton Foundation has the best lawyers and accountants money can buy but somehow fails to report much of this and starts re-filing 5 years in tax returns.

Meanwhile, in Feb 2007, UrAsia (Guistra) merges with a South African company and assumes the name Uranium One and moves into the United States securing uranium assets.

In June 2008, the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, begins negotiating for an interest in Uranium One (Guistra).

From 2008 to 2010 Uranium One and former UrAsia investors donate $8.65 million to the Clinton Foundation.

These investors stand to make “a lot” of money if Rosatom (Russia) secures an interest in Uranium One.

In June 2009 a Rosatom subsidiary ARMZ (still Russia) secures 17% ownership in Uranium One and from 2010 to 2011 investors give millions more to the Clinton Foundation.

In June 2010, Rosatom (Russia) seeks the majority interest in Uranium One (Guistra) from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States as apparently the US government must approve any deals where an enemy of the US wants to buy our uranium that is used for big bombs. To ensure the deal is vetted, the State Department (Hillary) is a member of the Committee and gives her, I mean, their approval.

June 29, 2010: Bill Clinton is paid $500,000 for a “speech” in Moscow, by a Russian investment bank that assigned a buy rating to Uranium One stock.

October 2010, Rosatom’s majority ownership is approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment.

Jan 2013, Rosatom takes “full control” of Uranium One and takes it private. So Russia now owns 20% of the United States uranium assets and can do as they please with your uranium, even sell it to Iran, which they may do.

Hey, Congress, FBI, wake up, the Russians are coming the Russians are coming! If what the Times and other sources say is true, then there is a “strong basis” for a full blown, special investigation of the Clintons and all their scumbag associates!

Law enforcement calls this type of money transactions (to the Clinton Foundation from a Charity with unknown donors from all over the world), “money laundering”.

What do you think would happen if you deposited a check for a million dollars in your bank account, and, when asked, “Where’s it from?”… you said “I don’t have  to tell”?

The Clintons formed a money laundering business for personal enrichment then tell the world how much good the Foundation is doing. They help broker to enrich Russia with 1/5th of our uranium, the key ingredient for bombs, so they can sell same to Iran, which swears it will destroy us.

What does it take to commit Treason?

Now keep in mind that the newspaper that is considered the MOST liberal in the United States is the one that came up with the timeline.

How could anyone even think about electing Hillary to dog catcher let alone the presidency?

Why do you think she set up a personal email instead of a government MANDATED email and then, when caught, destroyed 30,000 emails?

Hey, FBI wake up. There is a strong basis for a full blown, special investigation of the Clintons and their scumbag associates and dealings!





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