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JUNE 30 - JULY 08, 2015

Letters to the Editor

JUNE 30, 2015

Crime thrives under Dyster

That’s right crime thrives under our current mayor and the current council majority.

In the last year of our current Mayor's first term crime was rising at an alarming rate. Shootings, robberies, 7-11 getting robbed every night, people and tourist getting robbed while walking the streets, drive by shootings, houses getting shot up, home invasions, shots fired every night.

Our mayor's response was, “as long as you’re not involved in drugs you have nothing to worry about”.

Tell that to the people who live in these neighborhoods.

The people of our great city still chose to elect him to a second term.

Years later we are still facing the same problem, and now he wants a third term.  This past weekend there were over five shootings and two armed robberies, but city hall said there is no crime problem here in the city.

What lead to the crime problem in the city?

Ask somebody at city hall and you will get a different answer every time.  Let’s take a look at our mayor's polices.

In 2010 he decided the police were guilty of misconduct.

Our Mayor wanted to become friends with our former attorney general Andrew Cuomo who is now the governor of the State.

Our mayor decided to enter into an order of consent agreement with the Attorney General and Warshaw and Associates were picked by Cuomo to monitor the police department for wrongdoing that was never found; the mayor sold the police out long before they could prove they were innocent. Warshaw and associates has a very close relationship with our current governor (something sounds fishy).

Since they been here it has put restrictions on what the police can and can’t do. It seems right after this was passed is when all the gun violence started.

In the summer of 2011 there were over 60 reports of people shot or shots fired, and numerous robberies.

 People were getting shot every day like today.

Did the consent order prevent the police from doing their jobs? Did it lead to the crime wave we have been dealing with the last few years?

Did the cops turn their head and let this happen, or if they did their jobs would they get in trouble by the attorney general. Did this prevent the police from doing proactive policing?

Obviously this order of consent is not working; it has made our city more dangerous than it ever was. Since Warshaw has been here Niagara Falls, the city, has made the list as the most dangerous city in the state and one of the most dangerous in the country, on numerous crime ranking online sites. 

If we had real leadership in city hall, they would come up with a plan to combat the crime issues we face. But they don’t.

If you ask the city council about these issues, they act like they are from another planet.  The truth is they don’t have a plan to make our city safe. The only way to make our city safe again is vote our current mayor out of office.

Fed up resident in Niagara Falls



Kayaks on the little Niagara river


I just took these pictures of the beautiful kayaks traveling back to the new kayak launch after paddling the Little Niagara river and the Cayuga creek across from Jayne Park.

What a great sight watching a group of 22 kayakers enjoying themselves on our beautiful waterways.

It is too bad that Mr. Mike Hudson felt it was necessary to disparage the efforts made by the city and the hard working volunteers (that means not paid Mr. Hudson) from LaSalle Pride who pushed to get a disabilities accessible launch for everyone to use in Griffon Park. By the way, the ship "the Griffon" sailed on the Niagara River when the explorers LaSalle and Hennepin were discovering this area.

I found Mr. Hudson's remarks about the dedication of the new kayak launch completely uncalled for and insulting to the members of the LaSalle Pride organization who have put in countless hours cleaning the Cayuga Creek of dead trees and trash that completely blocked the waterway for the many boaters, canoeists and kayakers who want to navigate the creek and the Little Niagara River.

Did you participate in any of that free (that means no one got paid) clean up, Mr. Hudson?

If you had, you would be just as insulted as many members of our organization are.

With sincere wishes that the boaters and kayakers in our area continue to enjoy our beautiful Niagara River.

The "explorers" LaSalle and Hennepin



Charley and the Man

I read your article about Charlie Walker not paying his taxes, yet he wants to raise the taxes for the people that do pay their taxes.

Sadly, this does not surprise me.

This city is a cesspool of do-nothing politicians who line their pockets with as much taxpayer money as they can, and give us, the taxpayer the middle finger. 

 Let me just mention a few issues that our poor excuses for mayor, and council people have opted to do nothing about but pretend to care and try to fool the public with meaningless words. 

 "We will find out why the houses on 72nd Street do not have water in the winter" ( we all know what the problem is) and "We will try to take care of the craters or potholes in this city".   

They could care less about the houses on 72nd Street, and the streets that get all the attention is the streets where the politicians live.

 Dyster, the worst mayor in the history of this city, gets money from the casino and yet he says that we have a huge deficit. 

Charley sans paying taxes, works for Memorial Hospital along with being on the city council, so the fact that he refuses to pay his taxes and yet he keeps on getting taxpayer money for his so-called council work is abuse of taxpayer money and he should be kicked off the council.   

Delusional Dyster actually believes that he has been a great mayor so there is no chance that he will change since his belief in this delusion is very strong, but the decent people that live and pay taxes in this city know that Dyster is inept.

Remember the city engineer that he hired, Ali Marzban, who did not have a license to work in New York State, and he had to fire him.   He then hired Tom Radomski to be the city engineer who also was fired shortly after that.    Our mayor hired a Fire Chief by the name of Roger Melchior that was fired quickly after his hire. 

Dyster should wear big floppy shoes and a big red nose.

No offense to clowns.  

I feel that this city needs a control board that consists only of private sector taxpayers, that is, actively employed or retired private sector, since the public sector cannot be fair minded.   

It is a fact that a public sector control board will favor and cater to the public sector so this does not, and could never work for city taxpayers.   

I thank your paper for keeping the city informed of the crap that goes on in this city. Totally disgusted with the poor excuses for Mayor and City Council



Mike Hudson's disdain for Grandinetti may very well be warranted, but to suggest Andrew Jackson is some great American hero is beyond the pale. Harriet Tubman did in fact help many slaves find their way to freedom While Hudson may choose to dispute the numbers, there is no doubting what her intent was. Maybe Hudson should consider why Tubman did not receive the accolades Jackson did. I understand the media was not always concerned with the doings people of color accomplished in that era. We have a chance to see what amounts to a home town hero be commemorated on the $20 bill. The first woman, and African American woman to potentially be honored in such a manner.  Hudson writes of what Harriet Tubman may or may not have done in his article, but mentions very little of Jacksons accomplishments.

Considering our proximity to Native peoples in our area I'd have thought Hudson may have looked a little deeper into how Jackson's policies affected them. He is directly responsible for ordering the military action that drove thousands of Native people to a reservation across the state of Mississippi. Thousands of men, woman, and children died. That black mark in our history became known as "The Trail Of Tears". Prior to that order he suggested to the newcomer white folks in Georgia that it was their right to take by force the land occupied the Cherokee people. American hero? Ask the Native people remaining in this country if they believe so. Apparently Hudson feels having Charlton Heston play Jackson in a movie should further cement his place in history.

I support the selection of Tubman for this honor. Grandinetti may or may not get credit for this to happen but Hudson's disdain for her has apparently gotten in the way of his chance to look further into the bloody history of Andrew Jackson.

Nice going hater!                                                                   

Vincent P. Arnone






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