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JUNE 16 - JUNE 24, 2015

More Jayne Park Nonsense

By Gus the Goose

JUNE 16, 2015

Gus the Goose
An asphalt trail named after a beloved resident.
A happy pot hole to help ruin your car.

(Ed note: Gus the goose remains in hiding, safe from the agents and provocateurs of the Dyster administration. We received this latest dispatch from Gus who currently resides in an undisclosed Niagara County pasture.)

My life as a bird changed forever when I wrote my first article on Jayne Park, an article detailing the Dyster administration’s “park restoration plan,” a plan that grievously damaged that formerly placid Cayuga Island oasis of green in the suffering city of Niagara Falls.

The plan removed 40,000 square feet of green. Think about that. A small park lost substantial irreplaceable green space at the hands of Dyster and DeSantis in order to satisfy two things: the egos of Dyster/DeSantis and the Greenway grant only they wanted.

The park “restoration” even added a new term - thank you Seth Piccirillo - into city hall vernacular: asphalt trail. So I guess you humans no longer drive on “roads” you drive on “asphalt trails” formerly called roads. The nerve and sheer dishonesty in toying with words in order to disguise the damage done is disgusting.

Just a few days ago the Dyster administration added a small sign to the asphalt service road (Dyster said in his restoration ribbon cutting last month that the asphalt road was going to be enlarged and used as a “service road” for trucks) designating it as “John Maroon Path.” The small blue sign atop a stumpy four-foot piece of metal looks like a redone parking violation sign.

But for Dyster it was mission accomplished since the great minds at city hall concocted the path as a tribute to Mr. Maroon late last year as the park construction began. The deceased Mr. Maroon was a beloved community volunteer and WWII veteran cynically brought aboard in memory by Dyster/DeSantis in the hopes that their trick would inoculate the path against criticism. It only served to focus the criticism more intensely like a laser.

With the “first phase” park work completed and with West Rivershore Drive recently resurfaced a puzzle remains at the juncture of Joliet and Griffon avenues across from the park, yards from the Cayuga Island bridge: Up until yesterday row after row of large, deep potholes, potholes deep enough to break an automobile undercarriage and wide enough to swallow tires, dangerous enough to throw a motorcyclist or bicyclist into the air. Additional potholes, nearly as wide and deep, repeat in several other areas further up Joliet Avenue across from Jayne Park.

Then yesterday  a few random potholes in the general area of those two pothole fields (each of the two fields are street wide and over 80 feet long) were treated by the pothole killer today, so the pothole killer drove right over those two large fields of holes.

Two large pot hole fields further down Joliet Ave - to the east of the juncture of Griffon and Joliet - were not touched by the pothole killer.

I like to call it a “Pothole field of screams.”

It’s a true puzzle. And people are wondering if Dyster left the potholes - in glaring contrast to his park and repaving work - as a message to the island residents: “You fought me on Jayne Park so I’ll drag my feet on fixing your holey roads.”

While those dangerous potholes literally vex every driver entering or exiting the island via Joliet or Griffon Avenue Mayor Dyster has been turning his attention elsewhere.

Last week Mr. Dyster traveled to, Buffalo to hear the Rev. Al Sharpton speak. His Honor was named in the Buffalo News story reporting the speech and identifying the attendees of distinction.    
The mayor last week, through Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti and Facebook announced that he was going to build a cricket field at 61st Street.

Last week at the council meeting the mayor revealed, through a private accounting firm’s presentation, a city deficit of at least $7.5 million. The mayor never explained how he would repair the deficit and instead passed the buck to the city’s finance advisory board…a volunteer board with no authority to review “confidential” city finances.

The mayor even had time to host a campaign fundraiser at a local restaurant last week where it was publicized, before and after, by councilwoman Grandinetti, on Facebook.

As if all of this weren’t enough the mayor, a few campaign supporters, and several Democratic candidates seeking election made their way to Griffon Park to celebrate – “Oh joy!” as Sponge Bob would say – the ribbon cutting of a shiny new portable canoe launch!

Cricket fields, fundraisers, canoe launches, Buffalo special events, and a city deficit large enough to bring the city – in the face of Dyster’s $89,000,000 casino revenue expenditures – to its knees.

Last week the mayor really enjoyed himself.

Remember that every time you drop your car tire into one of his potholes.





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