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JAN 27 - FEB 03, 2015

Lewiston Supervisor to try to Set World Powerlift Record Sixty-three year old will compete at authorized Niagara Event

January 27, 2015

Dennis Brochey (above, under barbell - top of page) will compete in February for a world record.
Awards in each class are in honor of local fallen veterans.
Below: SPC Alan N. Dikcis (Wheatfield) and CPL Lorne E. Henry Jr. (Niagara Falls)
Right: SPC Albert R. Jex (Lockport) and SSG Aram J. Bass (Niagara Falls) are among the 23 awards.
Paul Anderson (1932- 1994) was called "the world's strongest man." He benched 628 Lbs.

Dennis Brochey, supervisor of the Town of Lewiston, may be the strongest 63 year old man in the world who weighs under 165 pounds.

At least if you rate strength based on the weight a man can push off his chest with his arms - while lying on a bench - doing something with a barbell called a bench press.

Brochey, if not the strongest, is almost certainly in the top 10 based on his recent bench presses. He can bench 280 pounds.

Brochey, who for years promoted The Red Brick Benchpress Championship, will be competing in his own event - hoping to set a new world's record.

This year's event will be on February 21 and held at The Niagara Falls Air Base on Lockport Rd. starting at 10 am.

State and international, authorized power lifting referees will be in attendance to watch Brochey (to make sure he doesn't lift his butt off the bench when his arms lock out - a requirement for a true bench press) and to record the highest weight he manages to push fully above his chest.

The referees are not there just for Brochey. The US Powerlifting Association requires any record-setting lifts to be witnessed by bona fide referees. You can't just call it in.

Besides Brochey, referees will watch as many as 130 bench pressers compete in a variety of weight, age and gender classes at the event.

(A number of police and fire fighters are expected to compete and reportedly the Niagara Falls Police are favored to win.)

If Brochey sets the world record for the bench press (for men between 60-64 and under 165 pounds) it will go into the books, and perhaps as his swan song lift.

"This event will be my 12th and final bench press meet," said a fatalistic Brochey, who added that whether he breaks the world record or not, he will retire after this event as a competitive lifter.

"I did a real sloppy 280 pounds, the other day," Brochey told the Reporter. "If I was the judge I may not have given it to me, but if I can do 270-280-290 over the next two weeks, I have a chance."

The current world record for his age and class is held by Vladimier Vodyanykh, set in June 2013 -- a 291 pound bench press.

The Red Brick Bench Press Championship is not only about Brochey, as he is quick to mention. It is a fund raising event.

"We give out about 23 'Outstanding Lifter' awards in honor of fallen Western New York Troops," Brochey said.

Over the past 11 years Brochey promoted the Red Brick event he said he raised and donated $110,000 for various charities.

This year, proceeds will go to the FFSA (Friends of Family Support Association) a private non-profit organization for the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station & Local communities to aide military families.

"Last year we raised $15,400," he said, which was distributed to the Veterans Memorial in Buffalo's Naval Park, a special Military Legal Service that provides free aid to veterans, and the SPCA to provide free trained dogs to veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

"When troubled veterans are coming home to somebody and they have somebody to take care of, it can help them. The SPCA trains the dogs and they give them to servicemen who might be suffering and might have potential suicidal tendencies. If we could save one life it will be worth it. Of course it is the kind of thing you never know if it saves a life. You hope it does," said Brochey.

As for hope, there is still some that Brochey might set the record during his last event.

"My best press was 310 pounds at a body weight of 151 when I was 56," Brochey said. "I almost got 320 which would have been a world record for my age and weight at the time."

Asked about his diet, he said he doesn't consume protein shakes and supplements. "Chicken wings, pizza and beer - the everyday, normal average guy. That's my training regiment," he said.

If anyone wants to compete or make a donation let Brochey know at 716-200-3533 (the supervisor's cell phone).

Check donations should be made out to 'FFSA'. If anyone wants to donate a basket item for their basket auction at the event to call Brochey and, he said "I'll be glad to pick it up," or call the Basket Auction Committee members Stacey Zahno or Penny Rodden at (716) 471-6181.







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Lewiston Supervisor to try to Set World Powerlift Record Sixty-three year old will compete at authorized Niagara Event
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