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FEB 17 - FEB 24, 2015

None Dare Call It Treason!

By J. Gary DiLaura

February 17, 2015

Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution says "The Congress shall have the power … To declare war…"

The President is responsible for executing the act of war that Congress declares.

The President wants Congress to allow him to direct a "limited action" against ISIS which he calls criminals, terrorists, armed insurgents and every other description except what they call themselves and that is "Islam". ISIS says they are at war with us. Obama says "we are not now nor will we ever be at war with Islam". In my opinion Obama says that he won't fight Islam because he CONTINUES to be an Islamic Muslim himself. Everyone, except President Obama, says we are at war with "radical Islam". I say that no one can separate or define or tell the difference between radical Islam and Islam as they all follow the teachings of the Koran. No one has ever come forward with a book of faith or writing of "peaceful, non radical, non violent" Islamic beliefs. They all follow the same book of Mohammed, the Koran, which is as violent as it gets.

When Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor and killed some 2500 Americans, Congress declared war against Japan, not just the radical ones who attacked us. When Islam attacked us on 9-11-01 killing 3,000 Americans, President Bush probably would have asked Congress to declare war against Islam if he knew then what we know now. No one knew what Al Qaeda was. That was the fault of 8 years of Clinton, who's Vice President, Al Gore asked Ollie North in 1987 who Bin Laden was when North had his home security increased for $60,000 of government money. North told Gore that he and his family were threatened by Bin Laden. Gore, who was on one of the security committees, had never heard of BL, and mocked the pronunciation of BL's name, when North explained that BL was the most dangerous terrorist in the world. Also, remember that Clinton had 3 opportunities to kill Bin Laden but was afraid of public opinion.

That's what happens when our leaders put their own agenda before their oath of office!

What Congress should do now is to declare war against "Islam" and let Obama decide if he is going to honor his oath of office. If he doesn't then impeach and indict him for Treason!

What Islam should we fight? I say the Islam that wants us dead, that one. We must fight them any place, any time, any number. We should not allow ANY Muslim Nation to have or maintain any nuclear weapons. When Iran, an Islamic state, says they want to kill us and Israel, we should take the threat seriously and not ignore it as Obama does and try to talk them out of it. They finance almost every radical Islamic terrorist group out there except ISIS and we are allowing them to develop weapons grade uranium. Are we stupid or what?

After Congress declares war on Islam, every time there is an act of terror against us or any US ally, we should destroy an installation in Iran. Make it crystal clear to the Ali Khameni that we will not allow any threats or acts of war to go unanswered, anymore. When are we going to wake up to what is going on?

This President is going to go down in history as the absolute worst, most dishonest, disruptive and treasonous President in the history of our nation. He is without a doubt guilty of dereliction of his duty as President. Those who voted for him should be proud of what they helped create.

Both Presidents Nixon and Clinton were impeached for lying. The lies they told never hurt anyone. One was regarding a burglary and the other a sexual act with an intern. Now we have a President who can't tell the truth, has told lies that have cost people a great deal from loss of health insurance to loss of family members. Just ask the family members of the Americans who died in Benghazi, Libya if the President lied about Benghazi and is responsible for the loss of their loved ones! How about the lives that have been loss due to his retreat in Iraq and the release of prisoners who have returned to battle US troops?

I dare to call it Treason!





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