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AUGUST 18 - AUGUST 25, 2015

Various Views from those kind enough to communicate

August 18, 2015


Feral cats ate the black squirrels


310 Rainbow Blvd near Hamister hotel:  That's where my guy used to live. He said “it's pretty awful under there.” Lots of feral cats there.  I put fresh blankets in there last winter to make it clean. I spent $100 dollars. Could you help Cheryl too? His father is up at 7-11. He can't defend himself against coyote, raccoons, fox; they have all been in and out of there. Hard Rock was nasty. This week someone stole my cat snowflake near Smoking Joe's. I got him from over here. Can you help me with this feral problem?  It would be worthwhile to clean the city up. They are all on Goat Island and ate all the black squirrels. There are no black squirrels left. The feral cats are starving now. They are not wild and they should be brought into the city.


Cat Lover




Get Facts Straight on Oxford House


Mike Hudson. Read your story. It's disturbing to see you put something in there. So skewed view of things.

You should review some successful members of the Oxford House.

 Why we don't accept tax money. We don't accept sex offenders. They are immediately expelled if something happens like that.

Hopefully next time, you would do some investigating.

This is the second time you are publishing. The Oxford Houses are there to help, not to hurt.





A Defender of Oxford House


There is a Zombie property on  Grand Ave. near 22nd. It's a red brick house

Modern Disposal refuses to pick up the garbage there and the garbage is three feet high. Grass is six feet high. because it's not in see- through bags.


Unhappy Neighbor




Spelling Error


In your newspaper there's a spelling error. One was a picture of Cuomo, page 7.

On the right hand side is Kristen Grandinetti. Someone said, I “except.” It should be “accept”, not “except”.

Your paper is very good. Thank you.




(Ed Note: The spelling error you refer to was a direct written quote of Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti and was published from a screenshot image of her Facebook “retirement” announcement. )



We gave the Chief $3,000


We did not give [retiring Lewiston Police Chief] Chris Salada $38,000. We gave him only $3,000 like I got when I left.

Check your facts before you write.

Ex-Lewiston Employee

(Editor’s note: For the record we did not report that Chris Salada got the $38,000 in unused sick and vacation time. We merely reported that the Lewiston Council put it on their agenda to pay him $38,000.

For some reason, after we started calling council members to ask them about the large payout, which is in apparent violation of  guidelines for the town- which decrees a maximum figure for unused vacation and sick time of $3,000, the council suddenly decided not to vote to give Salada $38,000; went into executive session, then came out and voted to give Salada $3,000 instead of their previously proposed $38,000.

Did our calling the council members on the day of their meeting have anything to do with the sudden change of heart?

 To confirm this you should check the agenda item and ask yourself: why did the Council put it on their agenda to pay Salada $38,000 for unused sick and vacation time then have a change of heart at the last minute.

After you have done so, we will be pleased to accept your humble heartfelt thanks for the Niagara Falls Reporter shining some light on the matter and probably saving the overburdened and oft forgotten Town of Lewiston taxpayers $35,000.)




Curious Wheatfield Politics?


Town of Wheatfield. Hiring HR director. The position wasn't even valid. It was behing closed doors. The man is not even qualified. Didn't even pass the exam. You may want to see into that.


None too pleased




Reporter Not in Trevino’s Pocket?


Nice to see the Reporter touch the Niagara Falls Redevelopment (NFR). Their lack of aid is Niagara Fall's #1 problem.

What happened to [NFR owner] Howard Milstein? Why not develop the east side? The city's state is deplorable to tourists.

I once believed that your paper was in [NFR Exec VP] Roger Trevino's pocket.

This should be a major issue in the upcoming election.


Not a fan of NFR


Welfare Laggards, NFR Compared


Ironic. In the center of NFR's property which employs 10 out of city personnel, 1000s of workers have no problem getting there for monthly handouts but can't go to work.

Why isn't there a law that food stamp card user must show a pic ID that matches the benefit card.

The only sure business in Niagara Falls is plywood and brown paint used by Niagara Falls Redevelopment to board up their vacant properties.

The Turtle (owned by NFR) should be utilized for tourists. Forget Hamister. That's old story. Photo-op is what they do best.

Another Non-Fan of NFR




Glad About Sweeney but

Mad about a lot else.


 The people in North Tonawanda look forward very much to your paper, especially since Sweeney Payne is now part of it. Oh how much truth are in these stories.

Let's break down bits in the Aug. 05-11 edition.

Canal Fest: Some of us in North Tonawanda look forward to this, but a week is just too much in today's day & age.

Maybe like your other festivals in Buffalo and around go from Thursday to Sunday.

Have your huge parade on Thursday night plus still your other fundraisers for the non-profits.

By the way what does Canal Fest do with all the fees charged for being in it and in the end part of the Non-Profits---Profits?

 The idea of the minor shuttle service is maybe something to look into. But the parking would have to be Gratwick Park, Botanical Gardens (?) & NTHS. Forget the Library that is in use every day till 9 at night; they have enough problems when there is a funeral viewing at the funeral next door, that has bought space behind his Chapel to expand. But seeing as he is one of the corners in the county probably reason it hasn't started to be done.

 The Lord Master [David] Burgio will always get away with what he wants, after all the head code (building inspector) was put in while he was the so called Mayor.

Remember the large totes for Bucket Brigades as He closed firehouses. Past Mayor Ortt and the gang with the picture opt, you summed it up in the article. Only thing left out mainly with the Senator is only time makes himself available even when he was Mayor is “picture time.”  But “don't come see me in the office; that is what I have assistants for.”

The final, “yes” in the start with the new guy in charge of the great “Coffee Break & Lunch,” “RIGHT ON THE MINUUTE” DPW, equipment looks great when NEW.

But some are looking poor; no time for the wash rack, and all the recycle and regular garbage trucks go all out to one place to empty. Say I'm not wasting time as someone in my neighborhood told me by having 2 separate totes for garbage & recycle when I can put in one?  Say it isn't so.

Well now I have two fire buckets for water.

Mr. Martinsville




Anybody But Dyster Gal


To the taxpayers of this city, in regard to the mayoral race, please make sure that you vote, however, DO NOT vote for Dyster, unless you wish to maintain the status quo of poor leadership, mismanagement, cronyism, frivolous spending of taxpayer money, and total incompetence.

 A lot of residents don't bother to vote because they are on the gravy train, section 8, food stamps, Medicaid  or welfare.

 These people do not care who is in office, because they live off the taxpayers, so they do not care who the mayor is, as long as they live as a drain on society. 

 The mayor is counting on these drains on society to miss their opportunity to vote, so if you are one of the abused, extorted, and offended taxpayers in this God-forsaken city, please take the time to vote for mayor, that is anyone but Dyster.

 Please sign me only as, 

ABD = Anybody But Dyster







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