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APR 21 - APR 28, 2015

Moxham Announces Candidacy for Niagara County
Local businesswoman to focus on increasing access and better service

April 21, 2015

Jamie Moxham

Jamie Moxham, a successful small businesswoman from the Village of Wilson, has announced her candidacy for Niagara County Clerk. She is seeking to replace long-time clerk Wayne Jagow who announced his retirement earlier this year.

Moxham is chairwoman for the Town of Wilson Democratic Committee.

Her business background is in accounting and management and, for nearly 20 years, she was the manager of the law offices of her husband, attorney Walter Moxham's law firm, Miskell & Moxham, in the City of Lockport.

Since 2012, Jamie Moxham has owned and operated Harbor Marketing, a design, advertising and print company that offers personalized promotional screen, embroidery and laser printing on apparel, awards, badges, mugs, pens and other products.

She was also the proprietor of the Wilson Boat House from 1999-2001, and was instrumental in its renovation.

"I am the only candidate with the private-sector experience necessary to make a difference for county residents," Moxham said. "We have seen the costs of county government go up every year while our level of service and access has decreased."

In addition to her business activities, Moxham is an active sports booster, a member of "Save our Schools," active in the Niagara County Vietnam Veterans group to which her husband belongs and, in 1994, she and her husband founded the Wilson Community Enhancement Charity Inc., a non-profit group that offers free swimming lessons for children in the village and town of Wilson and promotes cultural events.

"Through the Wilson Community Enhancement Charity, we've been able to help as many as 250 children every summer and the list of summer events surrounding the harbor have been a tremendous benefit to the quality of life for area residents," said Moxham.

The Niagara County clerk oversees the recordation of public records such as real estate transactions, veterans' services, pistol permits, passport services, the county historian's office, and the local DMV branches.

"One of the biggest complaints I hear from our working men and women is the lack of access to county services both at the clerk's office and our DMV's," Moxham said. "Our working families are paying among the highest property taxes in the state and still have difficulty accessing the very office they pay for."

A long-time resident of the Village of Wilson, Moxham lives with her husband and they have two sons in college.

Her likely opponent in the races is Republican Joe Jastrzemski, the coordinator of the Niagara County Sheriff's Work Program, and for the last 10 years, the supervisor of the Town of Wilson. Jastrzemski announced in January he planned to run shortly after the announcement of Jagow's retirement.





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