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May 13 - May 21, 2014

Letters to the Editor

May 13, 2014

Wasted Away At Reiterville

The Lewiston vultures gathered today at Ridgeview at Lewiston. They are actually looking East in the direction of Reiterland. Is that Reiter and Sloma on the chimney?

We continue to cheer you on every Tuesday. As soon as the Reporter comes out everyone is reading their smart phones with a smile. It's the new payday!

Steve Reiter deserves every bit of this and Henry Sloma should know what happens when you hang around with bad kids. We hope The Projects At Reiterville can be stopped.

Thank you.

A Group of Lewiston Employees


Quasar stinks

Was just reading your article on the IDA Chairman to Examine Record for Quasar Misrepresentations. I want to keep to your mission that "THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS FAIR".

I live in Pittsfield, Oh., and just one of the contiguous neighbors to the built lagoon and one of the Appellants to the OEPA.

Quasar never got to deliver one drop of their so called crap product to this site because in January 2013 we had a Cease & Desist order placed on the property, while zoning laws, permits etc. could be reviewed.  After much publicity, public meetings and our filing of an Appeal of Quasar's permit that was issued from the OEPA they withdrew and said they had another plan and would not be using this site. There were over 50 inaccuracies to the permit they filled out, which included the site coordinates. The permit to install was issued after it was built on Agricultural/residential land in a major wet land. The Army Corps of Engineers are having them submit a plan to put things back. The comments on what would happen were on everyone's mind and that is why the fight was so hard and continues.  We DO NOT WANT THEM or any other company such as theirs to try to come back to our community!

We visited other areas where this is spread and Quasar claims an 'EARTHY ODOR" but I think they have worked around crap too long to be able to smell the stench.  There is an array of things that go untested including pharmaceuticals etc.  The content of our Waste Water Treatment plants has changed drastically over the years with the amount of hospital waste, industrial and so on.

You might look into the Water Federation because it looks like they just gave a large donation to NPR to promote Sludging? 

Joyce M. Snyder

Pittsfield, Ohio


Annoyed with the Reporter

In London, UK. I am so tired of seeing this Niagara Falls Reporter ''report' on the Internet: Totalitarian Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate's Plan Would Bankrupt State By Mike Hudson. April 15, 2014.

I note that your newspaper's slogan at the top of your page is:  "The truth is always fair."

It sounds like your newspaper's policy is reporting, not giving biased opinions in the guise of reporting news.

Mark Kinzey



Golisano Bad Choice For Bills

After reading your recent article(May 6th edition) rightly debunking a Howard Milstein ownership of the Buffalo Bills for logistical reasons, along with controversy surrounding him, I am still left with reason for concern if B. Thomas Golisano is allowed to own the team.

Anyone with a long memory can tell you: for all his effort to keep the Buffalo Sabres here in Buffalo and Niagara after John Rigas' fiscal collapse, he failed to put together a Stanley Cup winner after the team came oh so close in the 2006 Playoffs.

All the Sabres needed were a few top-caliber forwards and defensemen (players like Zdeno Chara, Brendan Shanahan, Ryan Smyth, and Doug Weight were available); they could've also made an effort to keep JP DuMont, Mike Grier, and Jay McKee.  Had they made these kinds of moves in the summer of 2006, they could've realized a Stanley Cup by the next summer.  However, the moves they made led them from a 7-game exit against Carolina in the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals... to a 5-game exit against Ottawa in the 2007 Eastern Finals.  The team performance and quality turned ever downward after this.

In the end, Golisano essentially played the game of "Flip this Franchise," rather than show some dedication and commitment towards giving Sabres fans what they desired most... a Stanley-Cup-winning team.

Now, I would like for the Buffalo Bills to show they can compete and win; Ralph Wilson's history as Bills owner was nothing to be proud about, as he failed to put forth a consistently competitive team throughout his tenure.  Save for the 1960s AFL titles, and the early 1990s teams, the Bills never won the Super Bowl, and were a mediocre(at best) team under his tutelage.  However, Mr. Golisano needs to realize that, should he own the team, he needs to show commitment and dedication... YEAR AFTER YEAR... towards putting forth a Super-Bowl-quality team; there is no more room for teasing the fans along, only to tank out when crunch time comes up, and there is no space for the "Flip this Franchise" game.

One big reason for the Sabres' failure in the Golisano era was Larry Quinn.  If Mr. Quinn is part of the Buffalo Bills organization under a Golisano ownership in any capacity, the Bills will go to pot.  Mark my words.

Lloyd Marshall Jr.

Commonwealth of Niagara





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