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May 06 - May 14, 2014

More Sexual Predators on Chilton Avenue? Dyster Props up Population Once Again

By Mike Hudson

May 06, 2014

L-R New Perv on the block Aaron Coughenour, joins Pervs Tom Chew, Dale Goff, Ricky Horton

Hello out there to all our friends on Chilton Ave.. Did you know you had a new neighbor?

We're a neighborhood newspaper and we like it when everyone knows who everybody is in Mayor Paul Dyster's ever shrinking hamlet, so we're taking this opportunity to introduce you to Aaron Coughenour, the 26-year-old child rapist who recently moved into the halfway house for perverts run by Ralph Pescrillo, the run-down real estate agent who is a neighbor of Paul Dyster's over on Orchard Parkway, a short street whose residents also include Dyster cheerleader and City Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti.

You might remember a few years back, when Dyster fought to have his street declared an historical district. His first attempt failed, but then he enlarged the area that would be covered to include Chilton Ave.

The measure passed and residents of both streets suddenly qualified for tax breaks on improvements done to their properties and received other advantages that are unavailable to city residents who don't happen to live near the mayor.

But Ralph Pescrillo, the neighbor and political supporter of Dyster, saw the opportunity. Pescrillo's one heck of a guy; he's gone bankrupt as recently as 2009, was arrested by Lockport police in 2010 on a possession of a forged instrument rap, and has been behind on his property taxes in 2011 and 2012 here.

He bought what once had been a huge single family home at 680 Chilton Ave., and proceeded to partition it off using drywall. Today, it accommodates a halfdozen sexual predators.

The house of horrors is located in the midst of a quiet residential neighborhood where young children play, not knowing that the street they live on represents a veritable smorgasbord to the inhuman eyes staring at them from behind the window curtains at 680 Chilton Ave.

Dyster himself has made light of the situation.

"They've got to live somewhere," he cracked once when asked why deviates like Coughenour – who committed his child rape in North Tonawanda – were being brought to Niagara Falls in such large numbers.

Just as there is big money in the processing of human feces, and huge money in the incineration of aborted human fetuses, the importation of dangerous Class 2 and 3 sex offenders can be big business.

And with Dyster firmly ensconced in the mayor's office, the human excrement imported by Quasar, the dead babies brought here by Covanta, and the perverted pedophiles Pescrillo promotes are all seen as growth industries in a town where the most valuable properties downtown near the falls are increasingly being taken off the tax rolls and turned into government institutions.

Chilton Ave. used to be one of the prestige neighborhoods in the city, home to doctors, bankers and lawyers. The houses are large and the 19th Century architecture is often stunning. The street is lined with century-old maples and the sound of children playing on warm summer nights adds to the bucolic ambience.

But, like one of the strange twists in the plot of an old "Twilight Zone" episode, Pescrillo proceeded to load up the house he'd bought with dangerous sex criminals.

Pedophiles like Thomas Chew, 53, who was classified as sexually violent by the state Parole Board and was convicted of forcing two young girls, ages 11 and 13, to engage in oral and anal sex with him.?Before that, it was the same crime, only different gender: It was two pre-teen boys.

Or Dale Goff, 51, a hulking, 250-pounder who molested two boys, ages 6 and 10, in 1992, did a prison stretch, and on release in 2006, attempted to rape a five-year-old girl.

Goff showed pornography to one victim. In the sterile parlance of a police report, he then engaged in sexual contact with her before subjecting her to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

Or Ricky Horton who performed deviate sexual acts on two five-year-old girls and after spending nine years in prison, he comes here, ankle monitor and all.

Perverts who committed their crimes in Lockport, North Tonawanda, Buffalo, even out of state, wind up here where they are officially welcome by the mayor and landlords like Pescrillo, and without regard to the feelings of the neighbors.

"I've got a five-year-old grandson who visits me here," said Jane, a neighbor who is fearful of having her real name used. "Now I can't let him out of the house by himself."

According to, there is currently one registered sex offender for every 329 residents here, the highest ratio of offenders to citizens of any city in the state. Tonawanda has one offender per 4,560 residents, North Tonawanda has one for every 3,889 residents and Grand Island has one for every 3,171 residents.

In other words, you, your wife and your children are at least 10 times more likely to encounter a violent rapist in Niagara Falls than in any of those places.

We have a modest proposal for Dyster and all the rest who think that truckloads of human excrement, dead babies and violent sexual predators are the keys to the future here in Niagara Falls.

After all, Covanta's already got the incinerators set up.





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