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JULY 22 - JULY 30, 2014

Lewiston Board Tables Paving Test

July 22, 2014

At the Lewiston Town Board work session on Monday (July 21), most of the items were tabled, including the agenda item that Councilman Mike Marra sponsored which was to instruct the town engineer to evaluate why the two-year=old parking lot at Joe Davis Park has failed.

Two councilman, Al Bax and Ron Winkley, were absent from the meeting. 

Questions arose after several large trucks owned by Suit-Kote Construction created large ruts in the Joe Davis lot by driving on it.

Preliminary tests done by  town Highway Supt. Doug Janese  suggested the asphalt that was contracted for may not have been applied.

The contractor who did the work, Ken Young, of Ken Young Paving, told the Reporter that he did apply the contracted amount and welcomed a test to prove it although he did admit in some places asphalt may have been less than what was called for in the contract but in other places he applied more in order to get a smooth, even surface.

Former Supervisor Steven L. Reiter told the Reporter that no one from the town inspected the work when it was originally performed.

"Ken Young always does excellent work," he said.

It is, however, standard procedure on government jobs to inspect work before, during and after any paving job when public money is used.

In fact each truckload of asphalt would be recorded under normal circumstances.

The next town board meeting is Monday (July 28).





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