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JULY 08 - JULY 16, 2014

Memorial Hospital's Wound Center Gets Top Award

July 08, 2014

RestorixHealth, a management company which develops and operates wound care centers of excellence nationwide, awarded The Wound Center of Niagara their newly-launched Wound Center of Excellence award. The Wound Center of Excellence award is presented to those centers that meet or exceed national wound care quality benchmarks in areas including healing outcomes and safety, along with a patient satisfaction rate of 95 percent or higher. "We are proud to be a recipient of this award that recognizes the hard work, dedication and quality of care the staff at The Wound Center of Niag- ara provides to our patients every day," said Michael Mitchell, M.D., the center's medical director.

The Wound Center of Niagara, a service of Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, is a treatment center dedicated to the care of patients with chronic, non-healing wounds such as those resulting from diabetes, circula- tory problems, or injury resulting from radiation. The center is staffed by a team of physicians and nurses offering advanced therapies, including hyper- baric oxygen therapy.

The Wound Center is located at 620 10th Street, across from the hospi- tal, and open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, please call 716-278-4424. RestorixHealth, is a company that develops and manages comprehensive wound care centers. Founded by physi- cians in 1997 to treat the growing incidence of chronic, non-healing wounds, RestorixHealth manages comprehen- sive centers throughout the United States in partnership with hospitals and health care facilities.





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