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AUGUST 26- SEP 03, 2014

After Announcing Extramarital Affair, Arnold Explains Why She is Back in the Race and Why She Told on Herself

By Frank Parlato

August 26, 2014

Gia Arnold at a campaign stop.

Just a few days ago, on Aug. 13, Gia Arnold, 24, a Republican candidate for the 62nd State Senate District, let the world know she was "stepping away" from the race because she had an extramarital affair.

"It is with sincerest apologies that I must step away from actively campaigning this election cycle," the married mother of three wrote.

"… Any money left in my campaign account will be donated to a local charity of majority vote on my Facebook page. Any events I was to attend will be cancelled and not rescheduled."

She explained: "I have made personal decisions that have ultimately resulted in the necessity of my stepping down from the campaign. I participated in an extramarital affair beginning in August of this year. It was a excuse for an escape from an already declining marriage. I cannot regret the decisions I have made, but I can admit to being happier presently than before.

"It is for my ex-husband, my children, my family and friends that I must publicly admit to my actions as I believe honesty and integrity are of utmost importance in life.

"I hope that all I have disappointed will understand that I am only human and imperfect. I will be available for public comment and want to make available my cell phone number so that any constituent that may want to speak with me has that ability."

Then last week she wrote she was re-entering the race:

"When I made my announcement last week, I never fathomed the hundreds of texts, calls and emails that I received, almost all of which called for me to stay in this race and fight for truth, honesty and what is right for our senate district. For me, telling the truth and being honest with my supporters and the citizens is the most important aspect of running for and representing the people, even if it means losing some support and not helping myself.

"... To those who cannot support me in this campaign because of what I have done, I say I understand. I know that honesty and personal choices are very important, and for this mistake, to some, there is no forgiveness. But, if nothing else, please vote your conscience in what will best serve our district!...

Gia Arnold’s argument for Term Limits

The Niagara Falls Reporter contacted Gia Arnold to get her views now that she is back in GOP primary race against North Tonawanda Mayor Robert Ort, the endorsed candidate.

She said, "I think a lot of people were confused about the (initial) press release that I was dropping out of the race entirely. I knew I was still going to be on the ballot. I didn't want people to expect me to be out there campaigning."

She explained she is still in the race to win, but will not be able to campaign as vigorously as she did before.

Asked why she even announced her extramarital affair, Arnold said, "I wanted to make sure I was completely honest."

She said she and her husband are "physically and emotionally separated" now and she has moved to Lockport. Arnold's three children are staying with their father and enrolled in school.

"We are raising them together," she added.

Arnold said her decision to admit to an extramarital affair was her own.

"No one found out and threatened to have it come out. I told my husband the same day I put out the press release. I wanted to be 100 percent honest."

Arnold admitted the affair was a brief one.

"I had walked away from my husband and it was with a friend of mine who had done some volunteering for my campaign. It (falsely) looks like I cheated and that was why I left. That's what I really didn't want to have happen. I ran a campaign of truth telling and transparency."

"Hopefully people have a feeling of who I am. I did receive an overwhelming amount of support. But it may have put a bad taste of my name in a lot of people's minds."

Meantime Arnold is interested in the issues she started her campaign with.

"It is our duty to preserve liberty," she said. "We need to educate people on the constitution, on jury nullification and the importance of voting…. Freedom and independence and patriotism that is obviously being lost in this nation. I don't want my kids to grow up in a world where there is no freedom, no independence, where it is government's job to take care of you. It's your job to take care of you….

"I stand solely for the constitution. I stand for reducing taxes. I might not change a single thing as one person. But if we get citizen-statesmen in office, slowly filling up the senate and assembly, the state, the nation could change.

"I like Sam Adams' quote, 'It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.' I want to set brush fires of freedom in people's minds."

Referring to her affair, she added. "I told the truth as soon as I could. I'm still in the race and have a chance of winning. But I want to make sure people are aware of who I am, what I stand for in the past and what I stand for now. We all deserve the same amount of freedom and respect and the right to hear the truth.

"I will continue to fight for tax-relief, restoration of our rights as citizens, reduction of electric and gas bills, and a true and honest voice in Albany.

"I have no name recognition and no money. If I lose I will continue to promote freedom. I will not stop telling the truth and promoting freedom. That's what I'm about."





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