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Apr 08 - Apr 15, 2014

Population: Niagara Dropping, New York Stagnant, U.S. and World Growing

By Marilyn Hayek

April 08, 2014

Last week the Niagara Falls Reporter wrote that the U. S. Census Bureau estimated that, from July 2012 to July 2103, Niagara County's population dropped by 596 people - most of these fleeing the city of Niagara Falls.

Niagara County's population is estimated to have dipped to 214,249. Meanwhile Niagara Falls is enjoying, for the first time since WW1, a population under 50,000.

What should also be mentioned is that New York State, that highest taxed of all states, remains virtually stagnant. Immigrants, headed to that leech of cities, attached unhappily to the buttocks of the rest of the state, uber-liberal, fascist, self-centered New York City, accounted for most of the state's marginal increase in population. Overall, the state's population grew by 273,025 since 2010, reaching 19.65 million. Overcrowded New York City got 59 percent of that population boost: 161,564 people. Most of them were foreigners, offsetting the steady cadre of long-time working citizens fleeing the state for lower-taxed states, and helping explain why New York Democrats desire to pass the Dream Act which, if passed, would force working Americans to pay for free college education for illegal immigrants.

Democrats should consider a name change for "illegal immigrants" to a more politically-correct, "undocumented Democrats."

The United States population grew by 0.7 percent during 2013 to an all time high of 317 million. Abortions (21 percent of U. S. pregnancies, about 1 million per year) helped curb growth, but 788,000 immigrants - illegal and legal - offset most of those who, had they not been unwelcome by their prospective mothers and consigned to the abortionist's knife, the scissors or the suction pump, would have taken birth.

In America, someone gets pregnant every seven seconds. There is one birth every eight seconds, and someone dies every 12 seconds. Add one abortion every 31 seconds, and one immigrant entering the country every 40 seconds, and it all adds up to a net gain of one person every 16 seconds.

Nationwide, free-enterprise-Texas, golden-retirement-Florida, and the new fracking areas - the gas-rich fields of the Great Plains and Mountain West - are gaining most in population.

The world population is growing faster.

It was estimated at 7.14 billion at the beginning of 2014, an increase of 77.6 million – or 1.1 percent – during 2013. There are 4.3 births and 1.8 deaths every second, making world population explosion a risk and, with finite resources and more and more people, ensures the have-nots, the impoverished, and the slaves of growingly totalitarian states (including the U. S.) will expand in numbers, as are their governments expanding in laws, perforce, to control the hungry, growing hordes.

Worldwide, growth is mainly occurring in so-called "developing countries," with more than half in Africa.

Except for an estimated 46 million annual abortions - worldwide population would be zooming upward at unsustainable rates.

Most statists prefer low cost or subsidized, easily accessible and late term abortions (up to birth or in some cases shortly thereafter) as an important over-population fighting tool, as valuable as encouraging widespread acceptance of homosexuality.

The fastest growing country in 2013 was India (which has one of the lowest abortion rates), adding 15.6 million people to its 1.23 billion in 2013 and challenging China (1.35 billion) for most populous nation.

The USA is a distant third with 317 million.

The World Health Organization lists the U. S. as having the 35th highest life expectancy at 79.8 (men 77.4, women 82.2) which, because life is shorter in America than in more civilized and freer countries, the population is not expanding as fast.

Women in America live on average 4.8 years longer than men. Here is one gender gap that no one seems to be whining about. Perhaps the gender panderers in congress should pass some sort of law ensuring equality of life spans.

Life span equality is as important as pay equality especially for a government that wants to micro manage every aspect of people's lives. Maybe, more medical research money should be spent on men's health issues until there is equality of life span.

Or maybe like pay equality, which is in effect to lower hard working men's wages, shortening women's life spans to equal men would be preferable, doable and a good population control. With the new Obamacare and the potential for rationing elderly care, the U. S. government may achieve a win, win: shorter (but equal with men - so it's fair) life span for women and reduced population.

While population is a troubling issue for most of the world outside Niagara County, it is wonderful to contemplate all the marvelous things that dramatically expand the role of government and reduce the role of freedom in the world making the human animal daily more of a slave to the various states and their rule of force and oppression.





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