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NOV 05 - NOV 12, 2015

Great Expectations

NOV 05, 2015

Jim Szwedo Citizen of Niagara Falls

Where will Niagara Falls be in 2016?

1.     The City will still be controlled by a Democrat.

2.     New wordage and spending restraints will be imposed by the State on an increased percentage of Casino cash.

3.     Look for increased taxable Seneca Nation investment in Niagara Falls, brought in by State negotiations.

4.     District-changing investments on Main Street, sponsored by incentives and joint cooperation between both City and State governments.

5.     Re-zoning of large tracts of City property to C1B, thus inviting new commercial and residential development to under-utilized areas.

6.     Equalization of tax rate between homestead and non-homestead finally being realized by increased Casino cash and State-sponsored wordage imposing restraints on specific expenditures.

7.     Home ownership tax reductions, based on citizen income, for the individual homeowners in Niagara Falls, sponsored by a cooperative effort between State and City government.

8.     Fast-tracking of Parkway removal, thus creating a new mixed-commercial-and-residential district between Whirlpool and Eleventh Streets. That includes Main Street.

9.     Local Tourism Board, created to represent local businesses and the future direction of State and City commercial development in Niagara Falls.

10.  State Control Board installed to protect both the citizens and the State from what some have called “the most dysfunctional government in all of New York, and possibly the nation”.


These are just a few thoughts I jotted down in my newly-found spare time.

As always, thank you for listening.

Jim Szwedo

Citizen of Niagara Falls






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