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JUNE 9 - JUNE 17, 2015

Uncle Gus' Poetry Corner.....

To the Tune of : "Once There Were
A Work Of Satire and Garish Rhyme
By that "Guy" From The Swamp

JUNE 9, 2015

once in a city
with a waterfall
lived a proud people
with jobs and hope and all

once there were houses
and folks could live and work
before that city
was governed by a jerk

once we had safe streets where I used to run

proud people left
or simply they got old
waiting for something
hopes and dreams now sold

sold by the gangsters
drunk men selling beer
sold to the rich men
the ones not living here

once there were leaders who really seemed to care

I don't know why
the people went away
what is there to keep them
no reason left to stay

and now the children
have nothing left to do
maybe one day cricket
a train station for two

where is the city that I used to know

once there was water
throughout this city fair
now there's no water
to even wash my hair

I'm running hoses
just to take a crap
why do I stay here
I must be quite the sap

where is the "service" paid for but not received

once there was garbage
service now bereft
though we have green bins
that I can't even lift

why in this city
with so many cops
might I be mugged
if I dare to go to tops

where is the freedom that I used to know

I don't know why
it's such a bitter pill
once we were called
the honeymoon capital

I only know there's
nothing left to do
now that the 'game changer'
the hamister is through

where is the hotel that we will never know

now paulie dyster
seems he never leaves
wants to remain here
with his band of thieves

and his consultants
dollars yet to carve
in the private sector
his ship of fools would starve

where is the city that once was long ago





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