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JAN 20 - JAN 28, 2015

Where's Skurka? Presenting Theory on the Shroud of Turin

January 20, 2015

Jeffrey Skurka devoted 20 years studying the Shroud.

The City of Niagara Falls last licensed engineer, Jeffrey Skurka has been in a curious change of career mode.

Skurka was fired in 2013 by Mayor Paul Dyster - just prior to the city commencing its train station construction - and just after Skurka uncovered safety violations on a road construction site and reporting them to OSHA (who later fined the construction company).

Skurka has sued the city for wrongful termination, and, meantime, has been making appearances at conventions presenting his theory on the Shroud of Turin.

His theory is that the Shroud of Turin is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ and that carbon dating which suggested the Shroud was a fraud was in itself flawed. When Christ ascended, Skurka postulates, the radiation his body emitted skewed the process.

Skurka presents instances where radiation and heat skewed the dating process.

In one instance, a book was misdated by centuries through carbon testing after the owner of the book in the next room was burned alive by what, Skurka believes, was spontaneous human combustion.

Skurka believes this spontaneous human combustion was similar in effect to what Christ’s ascension may have had on the carbon dating of the Shroud.

"I have devoted more than 20 years of my research on the Shroud of Turin explaining why the 1988 radiocarbon dating results are proof of the resurrection of Christ," Skurka told the Reporter.

Last October he presented a paper at the International Shroud of Turin Conference in St. Louis and is currently writing a paper for a peer reviewed scientific journal.

"(If it) is proven correct, (this) would not only be a new discovery in nuclear physics but by investigating the functions of the DNA molecule from the prospective of quantum mechanics (it) could possibly lead to a cure for cancer and other diseases as well," Skurka said.






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