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OCT 28- NOV 05, 2014

City Hall Jokes, While Never Funny, are Fun to Tell

By Pistol Pete

October 28, 2014

What wonderful things can be said of Paul Dyster that Paul hasn’t already said about himself?

This Dyster stipend nonsense has gotten out of control. We understand the mayor has offered Seth Piccirillo a $5000 bump in salary if he’ll just shave every day.

Around city hall Seth is referred to as “Dyster’s beard.” Literally.

We hear Mr. Piccirillo has run out of department heads to shout at. The last time we saw him he was chastising a homeless person in the city hall parking lot.

Seth is the only Dyster department head with two reserved parking spaces: One for his car and one for his ego.

Mr. Piccirillo denies having a large ego. He said, “Everyone’s jealous that I’m smarter and more creative then they are.”

Seth Piccirillo was hired to run Community Development but has now branched out to direct Planning, Public Works and Code Enforcement. Rumor has it that he’s going to name himself Chief of Surgery at Memorial Medical Center.

Political observers say Seth wants to be mayor of Niagara Falls. We hear he’s holding out for Emperor.

But enough on Seth.

The Hamister's hotel has been developed in stages: First it was The Ritz... .then The Hyatt... It's now called "Hamister's Hourly Honeymoon Hot Tubs."

And this Christmas, Dyster is bringing back the Holiday Market - he's just paid Isaiah 61 $500,000 to rehab 20 sheds.

In January, Piccirillo will pay NCCC culinary grads 5,000 to move into them.

But enough on Seth.

After reading Gary DiLaura's "Martial Law, Ebola and Obama" just one question - how does he write anything in that straightjacket?

You'll agree that Senior Planner Tom DiSantis' office is worth the money - when you see the concrete walkways and the private canoe launch outside his window.

The DeSantis office makeover actually makes sense - he wants to retire with one completed project.





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