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OCT 14- OCT 21, 2014

Martial Law, Ebola and Obama

By J. Gary DiLaura

October 14, 2014

If you were President of the United States and wanted to HELP your citizens in times of natural disaster, what would you do?

You would probably set up FEMA facilities with supplies, equipment, housing trailers you could rush to the “flood” or “hurricane” or “earthquake” zones.

You would concentrate them close to areas that are prone to disasters.

You would have food and water supplies, medical supplies, generators, temporary hospitals, and common sense emergency supplies.

Would you also have Internment Camps?

Would the internment camps be built like prisons with barbed wire?

According to sources, there are some 800 internment camps throughout the US, even in states like Iowa, Wyoming, North Dakota, where there are no known natural disasters?

Would you have strategically placed warehouses?

In the Buffalo area, Homeland Security has warehouses with some supplies you wouldn't expect! I’ve spoken to people who have seen them. Would you expect to see hundreds of thousands of body bags and millions of rounds of ammunition? Would you expect body bags and ammo like that all over the country?

Not unless you expected to have to shoot a lot of people.

Look at the outrageous executive orders Obama has passed relating to government control and Martial Law. He has made it extremely easy for him to declare Marshall Law!

All Obama needs now is ANY civil “insurrection” or emergency that he alone (without congress) feels is a threat to national security!

If you were going to practice for national disasters would you have Apache Attack helicopters practicing military attack maneuvers, coordinating the military ground forces with unwitting local police departments? Look at live videos posted on youtube. Would you do these maneuvers at major cities like Chicago, NYC, Miami, and LA, Chicago? This IS going on around the country.

Now enter Ebola!

The perfect excuse/opportunity for President Obama to order Marshall Law.

He needs an epidemic. What dumb SOB would continue to allow commercial flights into this country from Ebola-infected countries or anyone with any of the Ebola countries stamped on their passports?

I am going to make a prediction. If the Republicans don’t take the Senate away from Democrats led by that do-nothing, screwball 'Scary' Harry Reid and if they fail to keep the House, Barack Hussein Obama will find a “disaster” to declare Marshall Law within the next two years and there will be a war but, like he says, not against Islam!

I just hope to God the disaster is not Ebola.

J. Gary DiLaura is a retired FBI agent. His opinions, while not necessarily reflecting those of the Niagara Falls Reporter, are nonetheless protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Your response is welcome.





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