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NOV 04- NOV 12, 2014

Grandinetti Leaves Video of Children Spewing The F Word on her Facebook Page

By Anna M. Howard

November 04, 2014

Council member and pre-K school teacher Kristen Grandinetti posts video of six year old girls saying F*ck.

City Councilwoman Kristen M. Grandinetti has refused to take it off.

Off her Facebook page, that is.

What she is declining to remove is an obscene video featuring female children, some as young as six years old, repeating the F word in a lame attempt to link the word “F*ck” to what the video producers say is the “other F word”…Feminism.

We object to female children being used this way.

As a Pre-K teacher in the city’s public school system Grandinetti should have been alert enough to see that this video, and the treatment of these female children, could legitimately be investigated as child abuse.

But the reality is that the joke is on Grandinetti and her fellow feminists because this video was produced and released across the Internet by the FCKH8 t-shirt company as a clever ploy to hustle their products while controversially raising their public profile.

In the video there is a reach-out to the viewer to purchase their clothing.

This is the same company that sold “anti racism gear” following the shooting of a young black man by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., this past summer. Yes, this company used controversial death of the young black man as a way to distribute their products.

First they sold t-shirts on the back of a tragic shooting and now hustle t-shirts on the backs of little girls directed to say the F-word on cue for the video camera.

So the joke is on the feminists – female or male – who fell for the scam and thought the video images were “controversial” and “ground breaking” in the name of all that is feminist.

Well, you’ve all been had.

And if you don’t agree with our assessment, the Reporter directs its readers to the web site of none other than Ms Magazine ( as we further make our point.

In a column titled “FCKH8 Exploits Little Girls to Sell T-shirts,” by Anne Theriault that was originally published on The Belle, she writes, “Feminism isn’t a commodity that can be bought and sold. Children do not exist to be used as provocateurs in manipulative ad campaigns for clothing…this is not how we empower girls.”

Is it a good cause, or child abuse? Either way it is a cynical ploy to direct six year old girls to swear on camera in order to sell T-shirts.


The Reporter would like to know what’s to become of these young ladies from here on out. Surely there’s going to be follow up stories on the internet in years to come with “Where are they now” feature pieces tracking the children.

“What’s become of the famous little “F-word girls”? Are they in college, married, happy or sad or working as strippers or professors?

Their lives have been forever changed.

We have questions.

Where were the little girls’ parents in all of this?

Have the authorities taken steps to investigate the video producers and the FCKH8 clothing company? If this isn’t child abuse, then what is?

As Ms. Theriault writes, “There is nothing feminist about having girls as young as six years old discussing rape and sexual assault.”

What did Councilwoman Grandinetti see as a reason for promoting what constitutes child abuse on her Facebook page?

Truthfully we don’t see Kristen as a person who means to do harm to children. Instead we see her, and her fellow travelers, as short sighted and gullible “true believers” of the so-called feminist movement.

By the way, the 2.35 minute video contains thirteen “F*cks” along with three “asses” one “boob” and a single “penis” said by children.

Feminism indeed!





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