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JULY 15 - JULY 23, 2014

Megadeth Jokes or We are so sorry Megadeth Fans

July 15, 2014

She can’t make up her mind if she’s a real Megadeth fan.

Our critique of Megadeth, which is playing Artpark tonight, apparently caused some commotion over the past week. We heard a rumor that the phone was ringing off the hook at Artpark courtesy of complaining Lewiston residents who were getting all Megadeth-y. 

Rather than follow-up this week with more photos of blood and gore, babies hanging from clotheslines, demons with entrails hanging from their claws and the like, we thought we'd tell some Megadeth jokes.

*              *            *

Apparently if you listen to some Rolling Stones albums played backwards, they play Satanic messages and urge you to commit suicide... much the same as a Megadeth album played normally.

*   *    *

I met a really hot chick at a Megadeth concert once, and we left together. I didn't get lucky, but I did get the number of the Beast.

*   *    *

Look-alikes: Dave Mustaine (l) and one of his fans (r)

I recently got a new pet but it doesn't like Megadeth music. It must be a def leppard.

*   *    *

What did the Megadeth fan say when he ran out of crystal meth? "Wow, this music really sucks."

*          *           *

A Megadeth fan and another guy are on death row, and are to be executed on the same day. The day comes, and they are brought to the electric chair. The warden asks the Megadeth fan if he has a last request, to which he replies, "Yes, warden, I want you to play one of Megadeth's top hits on the PA system while I'm being executed."

Real Megadeth fan

"Sure enough, we can do that," says the warden. He turns to the other guy, "And what's your last request?"

"That you kill me first."





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Megadeth Jokes or We are so sorry Megadeth Fans
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