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AUGUST 12 - AUGUST 20, 2014

Out of the Past; Lew Fisher's Daughters to Visit NT History Museum Remembers Melody Fair

August 12, 2014

Liberace with Lew Fisher

David Stubbs, a North Tonawanda History Museum supporter, who lives in Ransomville, spent some of his younger years working at Melody Fair.

The North Tonawanda History Museum has an entertaining exhibit of Melody Fair, North Tonawanda's famous "theatre in the round," which was launched in a round tent in June 1956 by Lewis Fisher. In 1974, a permanent structure was built.

Stubbs is bringing Fisher's two daughters and two granddaughters to visit the exhibit on Thursday, Aug. 14.

Postcard of Melody Fair

Daughters, Chris Lewis and Amy Fisher have never been in the museum before.

Chris is from Pasadena, Calif., and Amy is from Washington, D.C.

The Board of Trustees of the museum extend an invitation, especially to those who worked with Lew Fisher who might wish to share memories with his daughters and granddaughters.

During Melody Fair's existence, well-known entertainers came to North Tonawanda, entertaining several generations in this unique theatre in the round. Fisher sold it in 1980 to the Bersani bros.

Sadly, they were unable to match Lew Fisher's success and the theater closed ending a fascinating history of top notch entertainment in a unique North Tonawanda venue.

Now it's nostalgic - like much that was top notch in the Niagara region - relegated to museums and the thinning fabric of memory.





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