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Apr 29 - May 07, 2014

Female Butcher Knife Bandit Strikes Terror in Falls Her Arrest Halts Career as Menace to Society

By Mike Hudson

April 29, 2014

A peculiar mug shot.

Things went wrong, terribly wrong for two employees of the Merry Mart convenience store, located in the 300 block of 19th Street one evening last week. A female store employee said she was working near the back of the popular pit stop when she was approached from behind by a black woman wearing a grey hoodie, black pants and a doo rag who was brandishing a large butcher knife.

"You know what this is?" the robber asked before ordering the frightened employee into the back room of the store. She then stabbed the employee and another employee who had come to see what was going on before going behind the counter and removing a large amount of cash from the register.

On her way out of the store, the robber ran into a customer who was entering the Merry Mart and dropped all the money she'd just stolen. General screaming and yelling erupted, and the suspect fled the scene on foot, heading in the direction of Portage Road. Officers arriving on the scene found blood smeared all over the place and called Rural Metro Ambulance who, it turned out, were already racing to the scene. Once the police had gotten a description of the hapless do rag wearing psychopath, a radio call went out and cops all over the city began looking for the suspect. They finally caught up to her near the intersection of Portage Road and Niagara Street, near the old Magaddino Funeral Home.

Jolene Anne Hill is 27 years old and lives in Apartment 29 at 1570 Buffalo Ave. At just 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing in at a hefty 200 pounds, a modeling career was ruled out early on, and so she thought she'd try her hand at armed robbery. Like so many residents who end up getting arrested here, she's unemployed and claims to be a Baptist. She was charged with two counts of robbery and one count each of assault with a deadly weapon, menacing, possession of a weapon and larceny.





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