Why Tom holland used contemporary attack against Thanos!

Additionally, Shang-Chi’s line about Q could also point towards the MCU’s re-envisioning of the spy genre. So far, many films in the MCU have emphasized the role that technology plays in contemporary superheroism, with many characters being inventors and scientists themselves. With the array of science and tech already represented in many MCU films, it is easy to imagine that a character like Q who helps Shang-Chi in the field just like he does with Bond could be introduced to help fill out the world of the film.

It’s unclear what happened with the Sokovia Accords, especially after Thanos attacked and defeated Earth in Infinity War. Many people vanished, and the Avengers had to manage the chaos. That much is clear from Black Widow’s frequent meetings with her fellow Avengers, scattered around the world, fixing what needs to be fixed. This fractured team was likely working together with authorities to contain and monitor threats, from the dangers that Ronin dealt with in an unofficial capacity or more serious threats from space or other dimensions.

Though he may not drive an Aston Martin or handle a fancy gun, Shang-Chi has a unique place in the Marvel Universe as a martial artist with a background in espionage. Like 007, Shang-Chi is hardly ever daunted by a difficult or unusual mission, and enjoys the challenge of unraveling a mystery all on his own. As his collaborations with various intelligence organizations evidence, Shang-Chi is always a reliable hero whose loyalty is never questioned, making him a valuable asset just like James Bond.

If anything, the Thanos fight proved that the Earth isn’t safe, and he might not be the only danger. In that case, you might want to have defenses in place alongside the Avengers, Sokovia Accords be damned! That goes double for the world emerging from the second blip. Most of the Avengers are ready to fight again if needed. The list of active Earthbound Avengers includes War Machine, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Wasp, Black Panther, Wanda, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and Captain Marvel. The Guardians and Thor have left Earth, but we already know that interplanetary communication is possible.

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