Why Is Maziarz Always on the Opposite Side of the People of Niagara County? — Follow the Money!

By Mary Fredericks 

Why does it seem you can pick any major issue that a community in Niagara County opposes and somehow George Maziarz was working the other side?

Let me explain. As state senator, Maziarz crafted an image as someone who wielded tremendous influence on behalf of our community.  He may have once indeed wielded great influence but few know how often he used that against the wishes of the community.

For example, drive across Niagara County and you will see signs opposed to industrial wind and solar projects that will destroy thousands of acres of farmland on dubious energy projects to send power downstate.

George Maziarz pleads not guilty to Schneiderman's charges

Former State Senator George Maziarz seems to be always ready to lend a helping hand to big corporations, utility companies and fellow lobbyists….

This was made possible by a piece of legislation called Article 10 that essentially took away any local control over these projects and gave it to Albany bureaucrats.  These faceless political hacks can and have approved projects even though 90 percent or more of a community may be opposed.

Go ask rural towns in Niagara County about Article 10 and you’ll get an earful of four letter words.

What no one seems to remember is that the Article 10 legislation was written by none other than George Maziarz.  And in return for sponsoring this terrible legislation, energy companies feted Maziarz with huge fundraisers that helped him build a million-dollar campaign account that he uses as a slush fund.

It’s ironic that Maziarz talks about running for Newfane Town Supervisor as Newfane is one of the communities totally screwed by the Maziarz legislation.  Maybe he hopes people will forget that he sold them out for big dollar donations and maybe they would, if he hadn’t done it over and over.

Speak Out Against Toxic Waste in Niagara County

Perhaps most people would be opposed to the expansion – or even the existence of a hazardous waste facility in the heart of a community, not far from schools and close enough and upland to rivers and lakes, but one man, George Maziarz, the man of the people, thought otherwise.

Maziarz used to take campaign dollars from CWM Chemical Services in Lewiston but when he realized supporting the hazardous waste company was becoming a political liability he stopped.

But he was always helping CWM behind closed doors, like constantly trying to flex his muscles with Niagara County leaders to stop paying long time environmental champion, attorney Gary Abraham, who was tapped to oppose the controversial expansion. Again, Maziarz screwing his constituents quietly and methodically for future gain.

Now, you may ask why did Maziarz keep helping CWM if he wasn’t taking contributions?  Because when Maziarz left office under a cloud of suspicion, CWM was there with a cushy lobbying gig to put some dollars right in Maziarz pocket.  Apparently, George’s loyalty to his former constituents was less important than making bank.

Last week, residents of Pendleton got bad news that their fight against National Fuel building a highly opposed pump station right near a residential neighborhood has been lost.  Again, a community gets no say on their own future.

Well, guess who lobbied for National Fuel?  Yet again, George Maziarz sold out a group of people who backed him for years.

Many people used to think Maziarz never cared about money.  Other politicians looked for ways to monetize their office but not George.  Well, now we know he was the worst one, sticking the knife in the back of Niagara Count again and again.

This common theme explains how Maziarz could take a job with the notorious Gary Coscia at Largo.

As the Reporter wrote last week, Maziarz used to complain how Largo fleeced Niagara Falls on the courthouse project.  Now Maziarz sings a different tune, when he sings for his supper with a cushy gig on Coscia’s payroll.

Apparently, even Maziarz moral outrage can be silenced for the right price.

There used to be talk of naming things in honor of Maziarz when he retired.  As more people become aware how he sold them out, he’ll be lucky if he’s not run out of town.

Lucky for him, Coscia has multiple offices across the United States where Maziarz can go hide.


Upcoming Investigative Report on Courthouse and Gary Coscia

Gary Coscia of Largo Capital made Niagara Falls history by building what may have been the most expensive per square foot courthouse in the USA. But how did it get so expensive?

Stay tuned for the Reporter’s upcoming investigative series, “Coscia and the Three Little Councilmen.” It is the shocking story of how Gary Coscia of Largo Capital got the Niagara Falls City Council to award him a $27.5 million courthouse project, in which he was to invest private money and how he covertly turned it into a $50 million project, without a dime of his own money. And how three council members fought Mayor Vince Anello, who was trying to stop Coscia from fleecing the city.

You will walk away asking how Coscia was allowed to stick taxpayers with a $50 million price tag for a courthouse that was designed and signed to be built for $27.5 million. And you will wonder how Coscia, an FBI informant, was able to seemingly carpetbag millions off the public without criminal charges.

Coming soon.

How did this building wind up costing taxpayers some $50 million? The Niagara Falls Public Safety building, built by Gary Coscia, was originally supposed to cost $27.5 million. How the price leapt is an incredible story, worthy of an episode of American Greed. After all these years, the story will soon be told.

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