Tompkins Responds to Dyster’s “Grandstanding” Comments

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The mayor is suggesting my legitimate concerns about our severe budget deficit are “grandstanding.”  He went so far as to say about me:

“If he is serious about not using casino revenue in the 2019 budget, then he should present the administration with a list of layoffs and necessary tax increase to compensate for the loss of those revenues.”

Mr. Dyster, three points of clarification:

1) We do NOT have casino revenue for 2019.  We have an “advance” against a revenue stream we have no guarantees of ever seeing again.


2) It is YOUR job as mayor to direct the administration to create a feasible budget that works within our true fiscal constraints. You have known for more than 18 months that the Seneca Nation payments would cease and we would have a budget shortfall. You have been advised countless times by the council to prepare for this in your budgeting process. YOU failed the residents, the city workers, the first responders by holding out for funding for which we have no guarantees. Please do NOT deflect your failure to plan on me for pointing out the elephant in the room.


3) If you did have a letter from the governor earlier, why was this not presented until after my letter was sent to the Comptroller’s office

As to the mayor’s comments on pandering, keep this in mind. The mayor withheld an important letter from the governor from council for 8 days, only releasing it after my letter to the NYS Comptroller. Perhaps the people should decide who is really being transparent or trying to curry favor.


  1. Norm "The Cartoonist" says:

    You tell ’em, Tompkins! Paul “Col. Klink” Dyster needs a good tongue-lashing, and if General Burkhalter isn’t going to, you may as well!

  2. judy harfield says:

    RIGHT ON!!! i responded to the mayor’s comments, saying if anyone was pandering & playing politics it was him. keep his feet & the rest of the council’s feet to the fire ken, you seem to be the ONLY council member who has OUR interests on his mind. THANK YOU!!!

  3. The first thing that should be cut from the budget is Mayor Shyster’s salary. Next, the salaries of the council members who follow Shyster down the rabbit hole. Tomkins is the only person to point out the truth of the matter to the blind and deaf Shyster. There are many other items in the budget that could be cut before city services. The voters of NF need to get off their duffs and vote for responsible people, not jerks like Shyster.

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