NT News: Library Holds Phantom Convention

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

At the North Tonawanda Public Library kids of all ages were put- ting down the books and picking up some life long skills.

It’s all part of the annual NT Library Con 2018, a Fantom Convention. The event was created by students and focuses on developing team building skills.

Organizers says some of the events on hand included pubic speaking, board games and special guest artists.

“We have the kids create and design their own panels,” said Kelly Menzel, Event Organizer.

“It teaches them public speaking skills, organizational skills, and how to create an effective presentation. Also, how to work with an audience that ranges from ages 3 to 100.”

“The kids will have to use these skills in school for their class presentations and if they go to college they will use the skills there. In general, it is a good life skill to have to be able to work with people that you have never met before.”

This is the 4th year they have held the event and organizers hope it will be even bigger next year.


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  1. Annual NDT in 20150 The library is part of the Fantom Convention. This event focuses on creating and building group building skills from students.Communists say that some hands include events, general games and special guest artists.We want kids to create and design their own panels, “said Kelly Menzel, event organizer.It teaches people the ability to talk to people, organizing skills and how to create an outstanding explanation and how to work with viewers aged 3 to 100 years old.Thank for your sharing like it very much!

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