A Memorial Has Been Created for the Beloved Niagara County Bear

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Photo courtesy of James Horton


On Tuesday, July 10th, 2018, residents of Niagara County learned the fate of an adventurous black bear who had stolen the hearts of many as he traveled throughout Niagara and Erie County.

He was a playful bear who some opined was one or two years old.  At no time, however, did people believe him to be aggressive, violent, or a threat.


Photo courtesy of Colleen Stayner and Mike Stella.


Photo courtesy of Colleen Stayner and Mike Stella.


Sadly, the black bear was cornered and shot by Amherst police. He was hurt, but that is not the reason he was killed.

In fact, the police have given no good reason for why he was killed. Their media release is included below:


After learning of the young bear’s untimely death, people created a memorial at the sight where the beloved bear was first spotted at the corner of Renaissance Drive and Convent Garden Lane.

Flowers and a note were placed to honor him.The bear was first spotted in Amherst and then was hit by a car and was seen limping around the area. During his short time in Western New York, the bear became known to many. The note on the stop sign reads, “may you find all the honey you want in bear heaven.”




  1. Cheryl Noble says:

    There was no reason for this bear to be shot and killed. It could have just as easily been shot with a tranquilizer gun, examined, treated and released in a safe area. The Amherst Police Department should be ashamed of themselves. A very sad ending for an innocent life due to the ignorance of others. I was born and raised in Niagara County and now reside in Up State NY in the Adirondacks. We have a number of bears, deer, moose, fishers, bob cats, cougars, etc. Fortunately the departments in this area know what to do for wildlife.

  2. Robert Krupa says:

    We have a bear in our neighborhood and at no time do we feel threatened by it. Just this past week it stripped our peach tree clean, it was the first time in the ten years that it was planted that we thought that we would get a crop. We didn’t, the bear got them and our only regret is that we didn’t get to see it enjoy them. I feel sorry for the people of Amherst that employ a bunch of trigger happy cowboys that probably high fived each other after. I guess that they didn’t some poor dog to shoot.

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