Maziarz Alleged to Secretly Record Conversations

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Former State Senator George Maziarz.


By: Mary Fredericks

The business development strategy an organization chooses is vital to its future success.

Not long ago, companies such as Pan Am, Blockbuster, Paine Webber, Enron, Woolworth, Foot Locker, and Lehman Brothers were on top of the world. Leaders in their respective industries, they could not fail. Then they failed.

Periodically, a company will choose a business development strategy out of the norm, trying to reinvent the wheel, while deviating from standard business practices that have been tried and true.

Once such instance locally occurred in July of 2016, when Largo Capital retained the services of former New York State Senator George Maziarz. Largo touted Maziarz’s lengthy political activity, and stated that he will focus on “business development throughout the East Coast”, with an emphasis on New York State and Florida, working closely with “companies seeking to invest in New York, by assisting commercial real estate owners/developers with their financing needs”.

It was a perfect fit for Maziarz. Having taken a sweetheart plea deal just a few months prior after facing five felony charges for the corrupt use of his campaign funds, Maziarz was a desperate man in search of a lifeline. Gary Coscia provided that lifeline.


Largo owner Gary Coscia.


The pairing of Maziarz with Coscia, the President and CEO of Largo, was a match made in heaven. They each had a “business development strategy” of their own, but fortunately for them, their respective strategies are eerily similar.

For nearly three decades, Coscia has used and abused politicians like Maziarz to gain a competitive advantage. Coscia’s fleecing of the city of Niagara Falls under former mayor Paul Dyster is well documented. Maziarz himself called the city’s public safety building, which Coscia developed, a “$22 million building, we paid $50 million for.” But that was before Maziarz and Coscia became attached at the hip.

Maziarz, for his part, is doing what disgraced politicians do: he’s making the rounds, trying to find friends, hoping to align himself with anyone who will pay him the attention and relevancy that he so desperately seeks.

His business development strategy is the same strategy he used as he rose to the most powerful politician in the county: destroy anyone who stands in his way by whatever means necessary. Your livelihood doesn’t matter. Your family doesn’t matter. Ruthlessness knows no boundaries.

And that is why George Maziarz and Gary Coscia are a perfect fit.

Coscia’s role in cooperating with the FBI to bring down a local competitor who refused to do business with him is well known in the Western New York community. Maziarz has run to the FBI with any and every allegation he could possibly dream up to get even with the people he once called his closest friends and political allies. Maziarz however, will sink to lows that make people cringe.

Unfortunately, our publisher and editor in chief, Frank Parlato experienced this firsthand when not long after he had a one-on-one conversation with Maziarz, he came into possession of a recording of that same conversation. At no time did Maziarz indicate that he was recording their conversation.


Owner and Publisher of the Niagara Reporter Frank Parlato.


Parlato confronted Maziarz on the unauthorized recording, and he denied it.

Maziarz, when confronted, said, “one of my disloyal staff members was secretly recording my phone calls. I did not know they recorded our call.”

The problem with this statement is that it is a lie.

Some say Maziarz’s default position is to lie [as opposed to having a default position of telling the truth].

The proof that it is a lie is found on the actual recording where Maziarz’s voice is heard before the call begins.

As the phone rings, Maziarz whispers to someone, “Can you record into this?”

A female voice says,  “Okay… right now.”

The two men spoke for several minutes about politics, his upcoming reelection campaign and the Reporter.

After the phone call between Maziarz and Parlato is finished and the two men hang up, the recording continues and Maziarz gives the date and time of the conversation on the recording.

This may not be illegal, but it’s despicable.

This isn’t Candid Camera or America’s Funniest Home Videos. Allen Funt isn’t going to jump out from behind the door. This is a violation of trust.

There was nothing in that conversation that Maziarz could use against Parlato to get what he wanted. But it makes me wonder: how many other people is Maziarz sitting down with, as the recording device in his pocket captures every word?

His stating the date and time of the call is probably helpful to him so he knows when the secret recordings were done.

Too many good people have become targets of Maziarz’s vengeance tour. In his eyes, he was wronged, and anyone who he perceived to play a part in his downfall will pay. Like Coscia, Maziarzhas used the resources of the FBI to do his bidding.


Maziarz allegedly used the FBI to do his bidding to seek retribution against political rivals.


Maziarz for revenge, and Coscia to gain a competitive advantage, or what he calls it, business development. George Maziarz is the perfect man for the job

But Coscia might want to be careful.

Very likely Maziarz is recording every word.




In the coming weeks, the Niagara Reporter will delve further into Maziarz’s efforts to spearhead the passage of the S.A.F.E. Act while deceptively appeasing what he termed the “gun nuts” in his Senate district.

That’s right – the S.A.F.E. Act would not have passed without the vital work of George Maziarz behind the scenes for Gov. Cuomo.

One might not mind that Maziarz worked for the passage of the S.A.F.E. Act if he was open and honest about it.  But he told constituents, most of whom are opposed to the most restrictive gun law in the USA, that he worked to fight against it but was outvoted.

That’s right: George Maziarz voted against the S.A.F.E. Act, but behind the scenes he lined up votes for its passage. It would not have passed but for one man: George Maziarz. That’s a story that few know and is well worth telling.

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