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Love letter to Reporter

To the editor:

I just read your article about the people of Niagara Falls sending you hateful e-mails. I would like you to know that not all of us here in the Falls feel that way. Some of us do have a brain. I commend you and your paper for bringing so much to the forefront and exposing the thieves of Niagara Falls. You and yours should be very proud of what you have accomplished over the years.

The last two mayors are a shame to Niagara Falls. And the Gazette is no better. Stopped getting that years ago. I am no spring chicken (62 yrs old) and have seen my city deteriorate over the years. It is a shame.

I live in the LaSalle Area, which is still a nice place to be. However, city proper, my husband and I don't go down there unless we are packing. It is so awful to see what happed there.

I grew up on the East Side. Used to be Little Italy -- naturally, I am Italian -- now I guess you can call it "Little Slum." It hurts many of us who have decided to stay and raise our families here. I am glad you have shown us just what the Glynns -- boy, aren't he and his son real sweehearts! -- Dyster and the rest of the crooks have done to this city.

I have seen mayors and councilmen come and go, and the city continues to deteriorate. I guess none of us have all the answers. I give you credit for at least trying to make people aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Most Niagarian's are immune to city government -- it seems to always get worse. We are sick of waiting.

I thank you for your courage and your honesty to do what is right with no regret or fear. Thank you, thank you. I will continue to read your paper!

Joanne Strassburg
Niagara Falls

Investigate Paul Dyster

To the editor:

In reference to your piece on Mayor Dyster and your investigation of him, I say it's about time! I only wish the citizens of Niagara Falls would themselves take the time to read up on or investigate their own candidates who run for local office. It is this type of personal ownership of your voting privileges that is necessary, in my opinion. We as voters simply should not allow some mouthpiece, newspaper (no offense, Reporter), or political party to tell us about a candidate and why we should elect them.

The political system is akin to "American Idol." Whoever is the most popular wins, or whoever spends the most gets the vote, which is totally wrong! The voters must simply take some time and do some research. Hell, go to a meeting with the candidates, find out who they are and what their real motives are for running for election.

If you don't get a good feeling from the person and are skeptical about their background and talents, you don't elect them!

Mayor Dyster's reign has been abysmal for the city of Niagara Falls, and once again the city and its citizens will have to start over. Until the day comes for the candidate whose only motive is to reinvigorate Niagara Falls, we will continue to see unqualified, incompetent people who could care less about the city and its people get elected.

I look forward to reading the facts you uncover about the mayor, although it is in reality a little too late.

Christopher Burke

Incident in Lewiston

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteer firefighter who stayed with us on Monday evening in Lewiston. We had gone to a restaurant on Center Street to listen to some local talent. Our vehicle was parked at the municipal parking lot and had been ransacked and our window busted out, along with another vehicle that also had been broken into.

According to the locals I talked to, it has been happening a lot lately. I would think it a good idea if the businesses on Center Street formed a neighborhood watch or block club to protect their customers when they come to downtown Lewiston.

Marlene Sharpe
Niagara Falls

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