La Hacienda to Re-Open in Niagara Falls Under New Management

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By: Nicholas D. D’Angelo

Closed since March 11th, 2018, La Hacienda Restaurant will open again under new ownership, but with familiar faces.

After the passing of Aldo Evangelista, at his restaurant on March 1st, 2018, many wondered if the business would continue or stop altogether. Hope grew when the popular restaurant re-opened for a few days, but ultimately La Hacienda shut its doors reportedly for good on March 11th.

The famous local Italian restaurant, sitting on the corner of Pine Avenue and 31st Street, was truly iconic.  It was the landmark – along with the Como Restaurant and Michael’s were the three mainstays of historic Little Italy along Pine Ave. in Niagara Falls.

The Niagara Reporter learned on Sunday that Niagara Falls businessman George Satarian has entered into a contract to purchase La Hacienda for $400,000.

Previously, reported to have been asking for more than $1 million for the property, the family tempered expectations after receiving offers for substantially less than $500,000.

Niagara Falls residents rejoiced at the news that La Hacienda would reopen and under the management of someone so able as Satarian, who promises to keep the old staff – most of whom have been there for years.

On Social media, news spread like wildfire.

“Congratulations George,” said Patricia vis Conti, “for saving our famous La Hacienda I know you will be very successful.”

Molly Cir, a former Niagara Falls resident, said, “when I lived in the Falls it was our go-to restaurant!!”

Residents were ecstatic that Satarian planned to keep the same employees.

“Very happy he will be keeping the employees,” said Linda Gorman.

Sharon Harshman, who commented that she was happy to hear the restaurant would re-open for good, said that “keeping the employees too makes it even better!”

Famed for its sauces, its remarkable pizza, its specialty Italian dishes and its quiet, graceful ambience, it is a great boon to a struggling city to see one of its landmark eateries revived from the pallor of death. Aldo Evangelista made it is his life’s work for the people of Niagara Falls and visitors alike, and his successor George Satarian is well known as an entrepreneur with a gracious spirit who will do the same.

If you see Mr. Satarian, make sure to say ‘thank you. Niagara Falls is a better place’ thanks to him and his effort to keep for the people here this timeless, classic restaurant in business.

George Satarian [r] with former State Senator George Maziarz and local businessman Roger Trevino of Niagara Falls Redevelopment.


  1. judy harfield says:

    YAHOO!!! i wish him all the success in the world. in this dreary city, it’s a ray of sunshine. can’t wait for it to reopen, i miss their ny style pizza!

  2. Congratulations and all the Best, George!!!!

  3. Joe George says:

    Here’s the dilemma. Aldo RIP, was the consummate restaurant owner and cook. His prices were high for the area but his food was wonderful and you knew that it was prepared with his usual excellence in preparation, not to mention the personal touches he added by his ever presence and friendly demeanor. This is what Mr Satarian is up against. It’s a short step from the penthouse to the outhouse so lets hope Mr Satarian is up to the challenge because this place won’t make it on name alone anymore. The name is La Hacienda but to all of us loyal patrons, it was simply “Aldo’s”. He will have to work three times as hard as Aldo did to make it stick, and my hope is that he rises to the occasion. At those prices, he’s going to have to. I wish him well !

  4. I worked for Aldo about a decade ago, making pizzas. I will be shocked if the new ownership is able to keep the ball rolling. The amount of prep that went into everything from the pizza dough to the meatballs to the beans & greens was pretty intense and specific. I can’t imagine it continuing without Aldo.

  5. Joan Haley says:

    Congratulations George , we are so happy & wish you lots of good luck. Your friends from Canada , Reg & Joan Joan

  6. Chris Martin says:

    What does the junkman know about making pizza, go back to selling rusty parts to low lifes. Aldos rolling in his grave!!!!

  7. Joey DeMarco says:

    Now ive seen it all, its like putting a silk hat on a pig! Id rather eat at shit pizza hut then a joint George Satarian runs.

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