Mexico: Emiliano Salinas bypassed as PRI candidate for President; branding women might have burnt his political career

The PRI party in Mexico has chosen Jos Antonio Meade to run for president, and not Emiliano Salinas, who was widely reported to be under consideration.

It is not clear how important the revelations about Emiliano’s connection to the NXIVM cult and DOS blackmail, slavery, starvation, and genital branding were to scuttling his political ambitions, at least for now.

Maybe now, Emiliano will have enough spare time to visit Keith Raniere in Monterrey?

One of Keith Raniere’s leading disciples, Emiliano Salinas, explains a motivator that his master employs.


  1. Russian Historian says:

    Wow, I had no idea that Mexicans were so narrow minded. Who wouldn’t want a High Rank member of a cult that brands and blackmails women to be their President? Especially a guy whose leader and Vanguard has now moved to Mexico so that he’ll be ready to assume the role of Rasputin.

    And speaking of Rasputin, check out:

    Sound familiar?

  2. Check off the box next to his name….. another career ruined.

  3. Emiliano could still get a Cabinet-level job, and later run for President says:

    The Executive Cabinet of Mexico is appointed by the President, and does not require Senate approval (except for Attorney General). While most of those appointed have been in the legislature or governors, some private businessmen have been appointed.

    So Jose Antonio Meade could appoint Emiliano Salinas to his Cabinet. And a Cabinet post can be a stepping stone to the Presidency. Meade was the Secretary of Finance before he was nominated for President.

  4. I can’t for the life of me see why his party objects to a nation’s leader (who may be compromised by collateral) being subservient to a cult leader.

  5. Tomorrow is December 1. Don’t forget to post the November page views!

  6. Alex the butt licker says:

    Alex will help lick Emi’s wounds for not being the chosen one.

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