Era -60% Pytka Century agility of the plot as well as the problematic parent

More than twenty years ago a film was released that combined the sports genre with animation in an attractive way, and although the criticism was devastating, many little ones embraced it until it became one of their favorites of the mid-90s. The protagonist was nothing more no less than the basketball star Michael Jordan , then he was on the horns of the moon and a movie was something that seemed inevitable in his career. Space Jam: Game of the Century -36% was the title of the particular tape in which the star of the sport shared credits with Looney Tunes , the stars of Warner Bros . Years passed, but the idea of ​​a sequel hovered in the minds of executives and it was until this 2021 that finally Space Jam: A new era -60% are ready to remove nostalgia and win over new viewers.

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LeBron James takes the baton from Jordan in this sequel that will have a different plot, although in essence, it follows the same premise: play a basketball game for the characters to escape or save themselves from a tight spot. Will a story like this still be attractive? The specialists have already published their evaluations and they are very divided, some have beaten them hard because this late sequel has nothing new to contribute, but others are satisfied with the proposal, since it gives what it promises, that is, entertainment and a lot of fun. .

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee , Space Jam: A New Era -60% follow NBA champion and world icon LeBron James , who embarks on an epic adventure alongside Bugs Bunny in this film that combines animation and live action. This journey of transformation is the result of a manic mix between two worlds that, in the end, reveals how far some parents are willing to go to connect with their children. LeBron and his son Dom are trapped in a digital space created by an evil artificial intelligence, the basketball player must return them home safe and sound guiding Bugs, Lola Bunny and the entire gang of unruly Looney Tunestoward victory over the Goons, who are the digitized champions of artificial intelligence on the court. The cast also includes Sonequa Martin-Green and Don Cheadle, while the voice cast includes Zendaya as Lola Bunny, Jeff Bergman as Bugs Bunny, and Jim Cummings as the Tasmanian Devil , among others.

As we mentioned previously, critics who have given negative reviews compare the film to a video game or a theme park for its eye-catching, but which keeps gamers at bay or, in other words, involves very little viewers in the game. show. However, the show will appeal to the little ones, but unlike the 1996 film, this one will offer very little for adults. Some have even pointed out that the franchise addiction feels more like the “wet” whim of some studio executive than a genuine continuation of a property that could have been exploited in a more inspired way.

But other reviewers have been more condescending to Space Jam: A New Era -60% , saying the agility of the plot as well as the problematic parent-child relationship is effective to contextualize the appearance of the characters in the Warner Bros . But what has come out best evaluated is, precisely, the exciting basketball game.

The critics were also very pleased with the animation and the different worlds created, since each scene has a very well defined aesthetic; without a doubt, the point where the greatest detail was put.

Maybe Space Jam: A New Era -60% will not become a cult film like its predecessor, but those who do approach it will find an emotional message and some really hilarious moments. Here are some of their reviews:

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