Breaking News: Bouchey Wins; NXIVM criminal computer trespass case to be dismissed!

David beats Goliath.

The best prices on levitra computer trespass case against Barbara Bouchey is to be dismissed.

Special prosecutor Holly Trexler all but apologized to viagra without prescription online Bouchey.

The Judge dismissed the bogus case against Bouchey.

The judge  sealed the record and ordered an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.

More details later on the corrupt attempt at buying justice by Keith Raniere….

Attempts to reach buy viagra cialis levitra Raniere and Barbara Bouchey are ongoing.

This is indeed a purchase discount viagra happy day and perhaps a wake up call for Clare Bronfman!

The only gross injustice now is how much grief and sorrow Bronfman and Raniere caused the defendants over nothing [but Raniere vengeance] and abuse of the legal system – not to mention possible perjury and corruption.

While it is over for Bouchey, it is not over for Raniere and Bronfman. This matter demands a full investigation.

Reportedly the judge told both Trexler the special prosecutor who used to work under Raniere’s attorney Michael McDermott that he believed Bouchey was innocent.


This just in…. according to a source Toni Natalie and Joseph O’Hara have accepted a plea deal of an ACD [adjournment in contemplation of dismissal] on the super expensive -e felony computer trespass case against them.

A clear cut victory for the defendants, an ACD means that after a set period of time elapses the charges will be dropped.

Millions of Bronfman money was spent to punish these two for alleged minor infraction of allegedly using a NXIVM member’s password to log on and view a coaches list and other information on the NXIVM website.

Keith Raniere and his organization spent untold amounts of Bronfman money on lawyers to hunt their enemies. The Saratoga district attorney and the New York State Attorney General declined to prosecute the flimsy case.

The Albany District Attorney’s office also declined to prosecute citing a conflict of interest but aided Raniere to purchase justice.  Raniere’s attorneys – one of whom – Michael McDermott a former Albany County Chief Assistant DA – procured the services of a ‘Special prosecutor” Holly Trexler.

Not surprisingly the special prosecutor, Trexler, working for the people used to work under McDermott.

That’s right: Raniere’s attorney was once the boss of the special prosecutor.

Color of law is almost defined by this case.

This leave the stalwart whistle blower Barbara Bouchey left standing.

She has not, according to sources, accepted the deal. Her case is substantially different than Natalie and O’Hara inasmuch as no evidence exists that she actually did any computer trespassing into NXIVM’s proprietary information.

This case should be referred to the US Attorney to investigate whether Raniere and company colored the law in a criminal and coruupt sense.

Also a vigorous investigation should commence regardding the possibility of perjury by NXIVM members Clare Bronfman, Steve Ose and Ben Meyers.

Of course Raniere has his name on nothing at all.

More on that later.

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