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MAY 19 - MAY 26, 2015

Global Warming Revisited

By J. Gary DiLaura

May 26, 2015

I really hate to revisit this topic but I feel that I must as President Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything he can to distract us from a war being waged against The United States and the rest of the world by Islam.

So now the most despicable President I have ever known wants us to believe that climate change and the resulting global warming, caused by homo sapiens (that’s you and me), is the single biggest threat in the world to our safety!

UNBELIEVABLE! Yes it is the biggest threat to our very survival.

It is worse than ISIS beheading thousands of Christians and Muslims who don’t believe in ISIS beliefs; bigger than Ebola; bigger than cancer; bigger than asteroids ending the world; bigger than Iran getting a nuclear bomb, even!

In my humble opinion, my friends, the biggest threat to this nation is Barack Obama!

His total and complete dereliction of duty as president is leading the once great nation down a path to destruction. The most dangerous part of it all is that it is intentional.

He is not stupid nor misinformed nor is he being mislead by his advisors. He is on a very purposeful tract, following an ideology that he firmly believes in and nothing is going to sway him. Obama told you what he intended to do and he is doing it!

He said he is going to change this nation. He said he was going to make this nation more Muslim friendly by reducing the size, power and ability of our military.

He declared the war in Iraq over and pulled our military out. You tell me, is the war in Iraq over? He said he won’t fight Islam and he won’t. He said he would close all our coal fired power plants without any replacements, even though they provide 40% of our power, and he is succeeding.

 He’s doing everything he can to disarm the American people and destroy our Constitution.

However the American people are not as stupid as he had hoped and they are finally  waking up to what this man is doing so he changes the subject and declares climate change and global warming our biggest threat.

There is climate change going on throughout our entire solar system and yes even on mother Earth, since the beginning of time!  

But all real scientists agree that you and I have absolutely nothing to do with these changes, up or down, nor can we do anything about it.

In fact the Polar ice caps are growing, the temperature of the Earth is dropping and Al Gore’s predictions of Arctic Ice Cap meltdown by 2015 is as wrong as every other prediction that the phony made. He based all his predictions and other nonsense on climate models created by the UN,  IPCC  (International Plan on Climate Control),  models on Global Warming.

A comparison of the past 18 years of these IPCC Model’s predictions that Al Gore uses, to what really happened, reflects not even a hint of being close to correct! They are so far off that even Al Gore himself admits, “There are some problems with the models”.

Yea, Al, they’re all wrong!

A noted scientist, just to be facetious, plotted the UN IPCC Model’s temperature predictions and UFO sightings against actual temperatures and found that the UFO sightings more closely predicted world temperatures than the famous IPCC predictions! Temperatures actually dropped and if feels like they dropped, doesn’t it?

People, don’t be distracted. We must change things alright, starting with Barack Obama, his staff of CZARS, the strength of our military and the direction our country is moving. We’ve been lied to enough, we don’t need another Clinton. I’ve personally had it with the lies, and blame game!

I’ll end with an interesting observation. Bill Clinton was President for eight years before 911 and George Bush eight months, how many times did you hear Bush blame Clinton for 911?





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