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MAY 19 - MAY 26, 2015

Let's Talk About Baltimore

By J. Gary DiLaura

May 19, 2015

As a retired FBI agent, who during my career arrested some of then most lawless and dangerous criminals in America, I know a little about crime and law enforcement And how criminals of all stripes and races will, if they can try to lay the blame on somebody else.

Like the criminal of Baltimore are doing. Blaming it on white oppression. First let's look at the racial composition of Baltimore.

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2013, the population of Baltimore was 63.4% black. The police department, the 8th largest in the US, is 68% black. The fire department is 58% black; the school district is 86% black. The city council is 90% black and 72% of the teachers are black. The mayor is black and the chief of police is black and 54% of the population is on welfare. It seems hardly a city under white oppression.

The catalyst of the rioting, Freddie Gray's arrest record is, according to the Maryland Department of Justice: 3-20-15 dealing cocaine, 8-28-08 possession of narcotics, 10-5-12 illegal gambling, 1-25-14 possession of narcotics over 10 grams , 8-24-07 manufacturing and distributing narcotics, 8-29-07 distributing narcotics, 9-16-08 distributing narcotics, 5-9-12 distributing narcotics, 1-4-15 distribution of narcotics, 12-31-14 distributing narcotics, 5-13-14 stolen property, 7-16-08 distribution of narcotics, 3-28-08 possession of narcotics, 2-12-08 distribution of narcotics, 9-29-13 distribution of narcotics, 12-4-14 distribution and possession, and many, many more.

It is difficult to know what Freddie Gray's physical condition was at the time of his arrest as he filed so many papers in various courts trying to collect for various ailments and then failed to show and cases were then dismissed. His sister Frederica and he filed for disability payments for lead poisoning and filed suit against a paint company. The case was dismissed for failure to show. There are unsubstantiated reports that Gray had several back surgeries, one less than two weeks before the arrest.

Regarding the arrest, three white and three black police officers arrested Gray. The facts surrounding the arrest will all come out during the investigation and resulting hearings. It is clear however that Gray resisted arrest, that's why there were six police officers instead of one. It is clear that a multiple arrest, convicted felon was being arrested by six cops and he fought. If you recall the article I wrote about the Ferguson incident, I said then and I say now, if a person who is being arrested by the police, especially one who is an expert at being arrested, puts his hands on an armed officer to avoid arrest, he is asking to be shot, pepper sprayed, beat with a club or otherwise subdued.

We train officers to win confrontations not to lose them! Now the unemployed of Baltimore lash out at everybody, white and black; they have no regard for life or property and burn and loot, and assault police with deadly rocks.

They destroy their own housing and businesses, protesting against none other than themselves. How do we control that type of insane behavior? The answer is with the laws that are on the books, the same laws that these gutless mayors and governors suspend in the face of crowd crime. An arsonist with a firebomb in hand about to destroy should be shot. An armed assailant firing wildly into a store should be shot. A thug throwing a projectile like a rock at police should be shot.

If you don't think a rock is a deadly weapon, let me throw one at you! Rocks can kill just as dead as bullets.

If the police were allowed to enforce the laws in both Ferguson and Baltimore then no innocent people would have been injured, no property destroyed and the rioting would have come to a screeching halt! Inciters like Sharpton should be locked up. Out of towners the same. It's a crime to do what they do (Title 18 Sec 2101 USC). As a former FBI agent that dealt - in real live confrontations - with some of the most deadly criminals in the nation - armed bank robbers - in real life shoot outs - and life and death confrontations - I know what I am talking about. Enforce the damn laws!

Gary DiLaura says "Al Sharpton should be arrested."






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