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JULY 07 - JULY 15, 2015

Games People Play

By James "Jim" Szwedo

JULY 7, 2015

A person decides to run for elected office.

That person does so not for power or ego, but rather, to make a difference. He sees the citizens and businesses hurting; he sees the people continuing to move away, and those that stay fearing to walk their own streets and neighborhoods.

All of this is happening while a chosen few continue to prosper at the expense of the many good citizens and businesses that work each day just to stay afloat and survive.

That person realizes that electing or re-electing the same politicians can only produce the same results.

With that realization, he believes it’s his obligation to try to make the people understand that the true power for change is within them; it has always been within them, and always will be.

Politicians survive and thrive by convincing the citizens how important they are. Their arrogance and egos are telling them this. The truth is, they only exist to serve the will of the people. Their self-importance is just a game they play, at the expense of the very people who elected them.

Time to stop their games. Time to take back control. Time to get that seat back at the table.

That person who chose to run is told that he didn’t ask their permission.

Who did he think he was to think that he had the right to challenge their game? That person refuses to quit, and their political games continue.

Political operatives telling him that their money will always trump his message.

Their egos, and need to prove their power and importance, at the expense of the citizens, is how it always will be.

Only the candidates that choose to do their bidding will get their support.

The problem is, that person does not consider the lives and future of the citizens as a game to be played by political operatives and appointees.

When told that he’d better get his big-boy pants on because the fun is just beginning, he tells them he believes in the power of the people he is trying to serve, rather than in their egos.

As always, your voice, your choice, your future.






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